CANdelaStudio 8.5 SP3 Patch 3

Updates existing installations of version 8.5 to 8.5 SP3 Patch 3. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 3 Patch 3, the following changes become effective:

User Interface

  • Variant Wizard: Copy Variant Attributes (EIP41769 CASU-2885)
    Variant Wizard [VW-R510]
  • Replace Reference by Copy DID Refused Due to Diagnostic Instance (EIP40001 CASU-2887)
    The "Replace Reference by Copy" operation for a DID [DID-R230] shall also replace the diagnostic instance that uses it by a copy
  • Only for Activated Containers: Check whether service is not allowed in any state of a state group (EIP41895)
    CANdelaStudio shall not check de-activated containers whether service is not allowed in any state [STTR-R200-Act]
  • Improve Error Message for Corrupted CDD Files (EIP41950)
    Sometimes documents are corrupted during data transmission via email or download from a portal. [DOC-R610 Open]
  • Repair Missing Selector Reference at Mux Data Object (EIP42027)
    On loading a Mux data object that has no selector reference set, CANdelaStudio repairs it.

Data Exchange

  • Support AUTOSAR Diagnostic Extract for AUTOSAR 4.3.0 (EIP42181)
    Menu File | Export [DEXT-R050]
  • ODX Import Create Duplicate DIDs (EIP39478 CASU-2745)
    Import variant from ODX, rename the variant in ODX and import again.
  • Changes in SWC Sync


  • Integrate Vector UDS Template Version 2.0.7 (EIP42470)

Issues Solved

  • Crash when deleting the Datatape of a non-existing DID (EIP41776 CASU-2892)
    When the user deletes the last DID (in a library or variant), CANdelaStudio did not update the list of data objects.
  • Crash when Setting Service Shortcut Name Empty (EIP40128)
    In any service (e.g. A Sample/Programming Session of ABS/ESP example), set the shortcut name empty, confirm, press OK, crash
  • DocUpgrade corrupts CDD (EIP41487)
    In the new template version, the numeric ID of an enumeration attribute [ATTR-R020-enum] has been deleted but was used in the document to upgrade [DOCUP-R500]
  • Document Upgrade Corrupts DID Data Reference (EIP42107)
    Target template base variant does not contain a DID that was contained in the source document base variant.
  • DocUpgrade: Inactive DiagInstances get activated (EIP41850)
    A diagnostic instance which is deactivated in cdd and in cddt shall still be deactivated after DocUpgrade "template only" [DOCUP-R400].
  • Wrong Hardware License Detection on VN1610 (EIP41967)
    CANdelaStudio Admin edition on VN1610 was not detected.
  • The creation of DIDs that are not referenced by Diagnostic instance does not support Bit-sized data objects (EIP41632)
    Create DID from requirement [RQ-R030-DID].
  • Unable to edit Vehicle System Groups (EIP41670)
    Creates a New Vehicle System Group. Then automatically go to created Vehicle System Group. The entry mask of some of tabs can not be edited.
  • Import Pool synchronization creates bit-sized data objects on top-level (EIP41537 CASU-2859)
    Data object in import pool that corresponds via requirements ID with a data object contained on top-level in a DID - synchronization may assign a bit-sized data type.
  • Local Copy of DTC Remains after Deletion in DTC Pool (EIP39978)
    When document setting "Creation of DTCs" is "In Chapter "Available DTCs only"", and you delete a DTC in that chapter, CANdelaStudio left dangling instances of the DTC in the diagnostic instances.
  • CANdelaStudio Does not Show 19 06 Data Property Page (EIP42436)
    Fault memory diagnostic instance with Mux Proxy Component combined in multiple services
  • Difference of DTC Requirements vs. DTC Shows Swapped Heading and Wrong Diagnostic Instance (EIP42242)
    Difference tooltip: the requirements property (shown at the bottom in "Properties") was shown under the heading "Diagnostic object"
  • Wrong DID Name Synchronized from Requirements (EIP41527 CASU-2848)
    when CANdelaStudio creates diagnostic objects from DiagInst requirements and it created a DID from a first requirement, then it creates a diagnostic instances from a second requirement, it shall set the diagnostic instance name not the DID name from the second requirement.
  • Update of Diagnostic Objects from Requirements with Duplicate Name (EIP41610)
    If two data requirements have the same name, after update, one shall be not linked, the other shall be linked and equal.
  • Wrong Bit Length for Reference to Packet Data Type in Requirements (EIP42005)
    Generate requirements for a data object which references a packet data type [RQ-R580-Data]
  • Requirements Pool Does not Respect Variant Selection (EIP41531 CASU-2853)
    Update of diagnostic objects from requirements [RQOP-R500-UpdateDiagObj].
  • Requirements Pool Shows Difference for Empty DTC Requirements Property (EIP41840)
    Apply [RQ-R180-UserDefined]: CANdelaStudio shall not show a difference if the requirement property is empty. This holds for a DTC column as well as for an attribute value.
  • ODX-Export Option Export "COMPARAM-SPEC" is always active (EIP41699)
  • Tools|Options Does not Take "Make ECU-VARIANT SHORT-NAMEs unique" from INI (EIP42427)
  • Supported Diagnostic class is inserted only in the base variant despite the selection of extended variants (EIP39848)
    In "Base Variant", select "Supported Diagnostics Classes", activate Diagnostic class “Measurements, select two extended variants, the empty diagnostic class was not created in these variants.
  • Compare does not propagate filter option "Show attribute diffs" to Compare of referenced Data Types (EIP42078)
    Compare View: Option to filter out attribute diffs; a referenced data type has a diff only in attributes.
  • Delete key on DiagClass in document tree deletes the DiagClass for Locked Variants (EIP38724)
    Context menu item Delete is insensitive, but Delete key works
  • Narrow Column in DID Overview after Toggling Display of DID Data (EIP41370)
    After toggling "DID Data" in the DID Overview, the "DID Data" column was narrowed.
  • Data Overview Export Ignores DIDs (EIP40126)
    DID Data Reference omitted in Data Overview Export [DOE-R010]
  • Superfluous data objects are added to telegram tables after replace of data type (EIP40436)
    "Replace Data Type" in Extended Data Records
  • English GUI Leads to German User Feedback (EIP42140)
    Menu Help
  • Drop DEXT Disclaimer (EIP41898)
    Export to AUTOSAR Diagnostic Extract - disclaimer obsolete since 8.5 SP2 (EIP37687)
  • Report writes services of another document in Service Index chapter (EIP41797)
  • Identical data type is duplicated on import instead of shared (EIP42142)
    ODX contains datatype with some qualifier. CDD contains data type with same qualifier. However, they are different.


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