Our Responsibility for the Environment

The protection of the environment is important for Vector. Using established environmental management processes, based on ISO 14001, we check and reduce our environmental impacts. The basis of these processes is the Vector Environmental Guideline:

  • Vector conserves natural resources and does not harm the environment.
  • Vector implements the legal requirements for relevant environmental aspects.
  • Vector has introduced environmental management policies to control all activities and objectives that contribute to the protection of the environment. This assures that environmental impacts by Vector are continually reduced or avoided.
  • The Vector Environmental Guideline is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of Vector.

 This guideline provides guidance for executives and employees to be environmentally friendly within their work environment and to reduce the environmental footprint of Vector's business activities.

Examples of Environmental Actions Vector has taken in Germany


  • Several photovoltaic plants on the company's buildings supply green electricity.
  • In several buildings cooling and heating are carried out proportionately by geothermal energy.
  • The new Vector main building at Holderäckerstraße 36 is certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) with the platinum/diamond level.


  • The company ticket for public transportation is subsidized by Vector.
  • Vector compensates the CO2 emissions of company flights via www.atmosfair.de and Vectorians travel completely green during rail travel.
  • Vector has signed a contract (DKV) for CO2 compensation for fuel cards for corporate vehicles.
  • Vector offers charging stations for electric vehicles (e-cars, e-bikes / pedelecs).
  • Vectorians can lease job bikes with tax advantages through Vector.
  • The CO2 emission of the company fleet is steadily reduced by giving preference to CO2-friendly cars.


  • Servers are becoming increasingly virtualized, which means fewer devices that consume power.
  • Server rooms are cooled efficiently by appropriate arrangement.
  • When new equipment is purchased, the focus is on energy-efficiency.
  • Administrative procedures are processed electronically in order to avoid printouts.


  • In the design and manufacture of hardware products, Vector pays particular attention to energy efficiency and protection of ressources.
  • Software and manuals are increasingly provided electronically for download.
  • All new hardware packaging is as small as possible.
  • All printed marketing materials such as catalogs, brochures, press books and posters are printed at print offices that are FSC and PEFC certified.


  • Vector approved a sustainability credo for the canteen with regard to food, detergents, packaging and paper.
  • Vector uses sustainable cultivated and fair trade coffee.