Functional Safety
Services, Embedded Software and Tools

Solutions for Functional Safety / ISO 26262

Vector is actively involved in a number of safety-related research projects and works in close collaboration with leading research institutes in the area of functional safety. This helps us to further advance the development of our products and assure our high level of competence in a quickly changing field.

The Solution for Functional Safety consists of consulting services, the AUTOSAR basis software MICROSAR Safe and tools e.g. PREEvision for designing safety-related systems.

The three application areas of Vector's products for Functional Safety resp. ISO 26262


Consulting on Safety-Relevant Development Projects

Vector Consulting Services offers consulting on safety-relevant development projects in the automotive industry as well as other industries (railway, industrial automation, aerospace, etc.).

People consulting on safety-relevant development projects


  • Providing an interim Safety Manager for your company
  • Review of safety concepts and evaluation of safety-critical systems and components
  • Implementation of focused and cost-effective safety processes
  • Conducting supplier safety assessments
  • Development, specification and verification of safety requirements
  • Introduction of strategies and methods to ensure information security in technical systems, because functional safety requires information security

Design Tool

Meet the Standard Efficiently: Development of Functional Safe Systems with PREEvision

PREEvision Functional Safety
Designing safety-related systems with PREEvision

In order to implement the requirements for functional safety of road vehicles according to ISO 26262, a considerable development and documentation effort is necessary. Suitable development tools relieve the user of error-prone work and significantly reduce the effort needed to perform the demanded analyzes and generate the report documents.

The integrated approach of the model-based development environment PREEvision provides this support through an iterative design and analysis process. In addition to modeling the functional and technical safety concept for hardware and software, developers are also supported in performing analyzes such as FMEA, FMEDA and FTA.

Embedded Software

MICROSAR Safe – AUTOSAR Basic Software

Currently available Components developed according to ASIL D

MICROSAR Safe lets you use AUTOSAR basic software in ECUs with safety-related functions.


  • Spacial and temporal separation of software applications
  • Program flow monitoring of safety-relevant software components
  • Protection of inter-ECU communication


  • Solution for all Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs) up to ASIL D
  • Reduces qualification costs through highly automated verification
  • Supports different ASILs on one controller
  • Efficient partitioning concepts with the complete basic software available in ASIL D

Software Testing

Verification and Validation for Automotive Functional Safety / ISO 26262

VectorCAST is a TÜV SÜD certified product family for rule-compliant development according to ISO 26262. It supports the capture and reporting of the various required structural code coverage types at all levels of software testing. VectorCAST simplifies your software unit and integration testing by automatically generating test drivers and test stubs.

VectorCAST offers the following advantages:

  • Full support of the code coverage types: Function, Function-Call, Statement, Branch and MC/DC
  • Automatic generation of test drivers and test stubs (mocks)
  • Test case execution and code coverage measurement on PC, simulator, emulator or on the embedded device
  • Importing functional requirements, linking to test cases and exporting test cases, results and links
  • Seamless integration into a continuous test environment with full command line support to run tests and create test reports
  • Optimizing test run times and test infrastructure usage through parallelization and change-based test case execution
  • Code injection via Probe Points for fault injection, testing bug fixes or implementing additional debug output

White Paper: VectorCAST Tool Qualification for ISO 26262

The VectorCAST test automation platform supports the development of safety-critical software projects up to the highest criticality levels in all industries. This makes it a perfect choice for testing software in the areas of ADAS, autonomous driving, control systems, HIL systems, and other related software.

VectorCAST Validation Kit for ISO 26262  provides a tool qualification test suite to help developers using VectorCAST products in ISO 26262 projects.

More details about the tool qualification capabilities of VectorCAST can be found in the white paper.

Ensuring ISO 26262 Compliance of ECU Software

Squore: Analytics Dashboard for Driving Automotive Software and Systems Quality

Dedicated to all the users who need to address the dual requirement of component quality and cost/deadline optimization, Squore provides a specific version dedicated to the automotive industry, that allows to:

  • automate verification methods as required by ISO 26262 standard
  • ensure and demonstrate code compliance with automotive industry quality requirements (HIS, MISRA,…)
  • implement Automotive SPICE base practices

Classification and Qualification of Vector Tools

Vector offers premium support for the use of our software tools in safety-related projects. We actively work together with our customers to simplify the classification and qualification of our tools. In an initial step, we classify our tools based on an analysis of generic, customer-independent use cases according to the ISO 26262 methodology. For some of these use cases we provide examples how to qualify selected tools which were classified as TCL2 or TCL3 by a corresponding validation according to ISO 26262 method 1 c "validation of the software tool". We provide the associated documentation on request.

In a second step, you as a tool user can make use of this documentation when performing the final project-specific classification and qualification of the tools within the context of your particular development processes.

We can also support you with project services in the project-specific phase. Please contact us!

During classification, typically the users of the tool consider the integration of the software tool within the context of their specific product development process – based on what is referred to as the Tool Confidence Level (TCL).

The user analyzes the probability that a potential error in the tool will have a direct impact on the functional safety of the system under development. Besides examining the tools being used themselves, the development methodology, verification and validation measures (e.g. review and testing) of the product to be developed are also considered. A final classification can only be made in the context of a specific product development process.

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Depending on result of the tool classification activity, the tool producer and the user generally conduct joint qualification activities. The purpose of these activities is to provide further validation of safety-related application cases of the tool, in order to assure its reliable and safe use for a specific context.

Typical qualification measures include targeted, in-depth tests as well as application guidelines.

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Basic Techniques

The training on ISO 26262 from Vector Consulting Services introduces to the basic techniques for specification, analysis, testing and proving the safety of systems. We show how to apply these techniques in the context of a specific system development. You get introduced to the relevant policies and standards. You see how such methodologies are selected and practically applied according to specific constraints and environments. Based on real examples, we show how safety concepts are implemented, so you can transfer what you have learned quickly to your own environment.


Trainer in front of his audience

This training will give an introduction to MICROSAR Safe - Vector's solution for ECUs with safety-related functions. MICROSAR Safe enables the freedom from interference for safety related software parts with different ASIL levels and for non-safety-related software parts (QM software) within the same ECU (Mixed-ASIL-Systems). Learn how to develop a clean partitioning for Software in a Mixed-ASIL ECU.