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vSECClib (Supply Equipment Communication Controller Library) is a product family of software libraries for smart charging stations. The family includes different software stacks, that are not depending on each other and can be integrated into your charging station controller individually. The libraries cover the high-level communication between the charging station, the electric vehicle, the back end and the power electronics. Therefore, they support the rapid development of smart AC or DC charging stations.


  • Simplified development of communication software for charging stations

  • ISO, DIN and OCPP interfaces ready for implementation
  • Mature software component with high reliability

  • Reduced time to market

  • Standard compliant communication between the charging station, the vehicle, the power electronics and the back end 
  • Hardware independent C/C++ libraries, compatible with all Linux-based systems

  • Regular updates to meet standards under development

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Choose Your Library

Developers are equipped with several embedded software components. The libraries ensure the easy and standard compliant implementation of communication functions in the charging station controller.

Vector offers the following independent libraries that can be integrated separately into your controller:

  • .CCS  for AC and DC charging
  • .P for pantograph charging
  • .WPT for wireless power transfer
  • .OCPP for back end communication
  • .PEP for communication to the power electronics

Vehicle Communication


vSECClib.CCS is a smart charging software stack for AC and DC charging. The library covers the high-level communication between the charging station and the electric vehicle according to ISO 15118-2 and -3, and DIN SPEC 70121.


Available Options

  • .PNC - Plug and Charge, including signature generation and validation services
  • .ACD - Automated Connecting Device; ISO 15118-20 upcoming
  • .BPT - Bidirectional Power Transfer; ISO 15118-20 upcoming



The .CCS software stack consists of different modules, each of which is assembled according to the charging specifications selected by the customer. Depending on the charging method (AC/DC), charging standard (ISO/DIN) and the authorization method [EIM (External Identification Means) or PnC (Plug and Charge)] the product will be configured per user.



  • Future-proof software architecture in preparation for the ISO 15118-20 
  • Developer-friendly logic, error handling and debugging functions
  • Excellent stability and AUTOSAR compatibility


With vSECClib.P your charging station controller is prepared for pantograph charging. The library is ideal for control units designed for high power opportunity and depot charging for example for electric busses. For the Panto-Down use case, the communication is established via a wireless access point. As a result, no user interaction is required to charge. 


Available Options

  • .UP (ISO 15118: Panto-Up) 
  • .DWN (OppCharge: Panto-Down)


The .WPT library is a smart charging software stack for controlling the wireless power transfer between a vehicle and a charging pad. The library simplifies the implementation of inductive charging as defined in ISO 15118-20 DIS (2018). A Linux sample application is included in the delivery, moreover the stack is AUTOSAR and RTOS compatible.

Back End Communication


vSECClib.OCPP is a smart charging software stack for the back end communication. It performs the message handling between the charging station and the back end and supports the full OCPP 2.0.1 message set. The library enables the automated message handling including protocol-specific requirements and restrictions.



  • Full device model implementation with easy access
  • Easy to use interface for complex OCPP use cases
  • Error handling and JSON schema validation          
  • High efficiency and portability due to C++ implementation

Feature Roadmap

Additions to the vSECClib Family

A .PEP library for the power electronics communication will be available soon. The software stack controls and monitors the energy transfer of the power electronics for charging the electric vehicle. The communication will be based on WebSocket or CAN. We provide you with a detailed specification of the Power Electronics Protocol (PEP) to support an easy implementation.

ISO 15118-20 Implementation

We are currently working on the implementation of ISO 15118-20, which will provide the following benefits:

  • Prerequisite for new functionalities
    • Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) (prototype available ISO 15118-20 DIS)
    • Automated Connection Device (ACD)
    • Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT)

  • Dynamic Control Mode (for additional services)
  • Multiplexed communication
  • Improved error handling
  • Uninterrupted renegotiation during charging
  • Multi-contract handling
  • TLS for all applications


vSECClib Fact Sheet

Get an overview of the benefits and the technical specifications.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF)

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