Analytics Solutions in Industrial Environments

Squore/KPI: Analytics Solutions in Industrial Environments

The tool should suit the user, not the other way around: Squore is customizable to perfectly fit existing in-house practices, methods and tools. Indeed, implementing an analytics process shall definitively take into account expected objectives, applicable regulations and standards, risks to be minimized, current practices, level of maturity… and of course, available data. Here are some industrial use cases of Squore/KPI specific analytics models:

  • Supply Chain quality management

  • Software and Systems engineering

  • Industrial processes


  • An open platform able to integrate any kind of data
  • Comprehensive overview of activity with real-time dashboard
  • Priority management and accelerated decision-making through customized Key Performance Indicators
  • Better risk prevention via predictive trend analysis
  • Optimized time/cost/quality ratio thanks to automated action plans
  • Objective and continuous monitoring of projects compliance with quality criteria and standards constraints
  • Continous process improvement
  • Enhanced collaboration within all stakeholders

How It Works

Implementation of Analytics Project According to Business Objectives

For organizations already using proven processes and Key Performance Indicators, our solution seamlessly interface with existing standards and processes, thanks to Squore architecture ability to integrate every kind of data and KPIs.


The implementation of your analytics project will take into account:

  • Data providers, i.e the Squore ETL mechanisms able to gather and integrate your data
  • Measures to be collected
  • Applicable thresholds
  • Your choice of indicators
  • Priority management functions: remediation cost, expected benefits, considered risks
  • Your decision criteria
  • Information to be reported to the stakeholders, in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in the project


Highlights of Squore/KPI

Open, “Data Agnostic” Platform

An open, “data agnostic” platform for a comprehensive overview of your activity

  • Abilty to integrate and process all types of data

Thanks to its ETL capabilities, Squore can integrate easily and at lower cost any type of data according to the activity to pilot.

  • Automated data collection and processing

Squore automates data collection and analysis according to your defined periodicity, in order to deliver accurate and synthetic view of your activity.

  •  Unique historical data handling system

This is one of Squore’s decisive advantages : you can create automatically or manually periodical “baselines” that will allow you to come back at any time to previous versions of your project. You will thus be able to compare your current version with any previously captured version.

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All Types of KPIs

Squore can produce any type of performance indicators aligned with your business objectives:

  • Adapted to your context

Ability to select or create any type of KPI, analysis and visualization models according to your organization's business needs, such as ensuring product quality, improving programs or projects efficiency, or ensuring compliance with sectorial or internal standards.

  •  Specific to your business

Benefit from an Analytics and Decison-making solution perfectly tailored to your business needs, such as: ensuring the quality and reliability of your supply chain, checking compliance with legal HR/CSR requirements, monitoring commercial performance, improving the quality and efficiency of your systems engineering projects, etc…

  •  Assessment in relation to your goals

It’s not just about producing elegant and colored charts… the most important is to define your goals and to be able to measure their achievement. One of Squore’s major advantages is its ability to interpret your data through your predifined criteria and analysis models, and to provide and on-time evaluation of how you are doing in meeting your goal results.

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Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Squore provides advanced reporting facilities to ease decision-making and collaboration between all stakeholders:

  • Role-based dashboards

Allowing targeted KPI distribution (Central management, Project teams, Customers, 3rd Parties or Certification bodies).

  • Intuitive navigation through the results

Graphical views, drill down features and advanced filtering take you in a few clicks to relevant information.

  • Export facilities

Report generation in standard format (pdf, ppt) from customizable templates.

  • Acces to results anywhere, at any time

Secure web interface + mobile application for permanent access to key information.

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Beyond Simple Visualization, Generation of Optimized Action Plans

Squore generates action plans to help users make optimized and informed decisions.

  • Fast and secure decision-making

Based on real-time, accurate and relevant information via continuous integration.

  •  Automated generation of action plans

Via powerful and customizable decision models.

  •  Capitalization of previous projects results

Enabling predictive analytics to anticipate risks and set up preventive actions.

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Squore/KPI Actual Use Cases

Risk-Based Testing Strategy in Automotive

Dedicated to actors of the automotive industry who need to address the requirements of component quality and costs and deadline optimization, Squore implements Automotive SPICE base practices for optimizing test strategy and demonstrating code compliance with automotive industry quality requirements (ISO 26262, HIS, MISRA).

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Monitoring the Effectiveness of Systems Engineering Projects

Applied to Systems Engineering effectiveness, Squore provides a continuous and centralized overview along the 3 major axes of project performance monitoring:

  • Meeting of delivery deadlines
  • Adherence to Budgets constraints
  • Quality of the achieved system

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Monitoring Quality Assurance of a Vehicle Project

In this use case, Squore provides a rating for each ECU, and aggregates highly heterogeneous data provided by internal teams and suppliers, targeting requirements, design components and source code checkers. Based on these data, corporate KPIs computed by Squore help track quality at vehicle level, and still provide fine granularity monitoring.

Read Article with Renault - ERTS² 2018

Monitoring Business Performance

Squore can be adapted in a broad range of specific models, such as monitoring the management of tasks in a project, tracking and prioritizing processing of customer claims, or measuring and improving the efficiency of procurement processes.

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