Squore, the Actionable Dashboard to Combine Agility and Quality

Agile methods are primarily recognized for easing balance between cost, time schedule and functionalities, and for the implementation of best practices such as short iterations, daily meeting, collaborative project planning or continuous integration.

However, the necessary commitments on code quality are not forgotten, and attention to quality is reflected by practices such as pair programming, Test Driven Development, refactoring, or code review.

Applying Agile principles, ensuring time schedules while delivering a reliable, maintenable and portable product: these combined challenges require adapted monitoring tools, based on specific performance indicators.


  • Effectiveness and reliability in Agile projects monitoring with specific Agile KPIs
  • Comprehensive set of project management indicators: functionnalities, cost, deadlines, quality
  • Continuous integration for real-time monitoring
  • Role-based dashboard adapted to roles in Agile teams: product owner, scrum master, developer


The Benefits of Agile Methods in Software development

Over the last ten years, Agile methods have proved their benefits on software projects productivity and all stakeholders satisfaction, from development teams to final users.
With the result of a rapid penetration, including large scale projects distributed across multiple development sites.
Here are the main reasons for adopting an Agile approach:

  • Accelerate projects while allowing greater flexibility and openness to change
  • Integrate more quickly new features tailored to customers expectations
  • Strengthen team awareness and innovative potential




Squore Provides Specific Features Dedicated to the Monitoring of Agile Projects

  • Evaluation and monitoring of Agile process compliance and performance
  • Continuous integration for real-time monitoring of the successive iterations and their impact on quality and velocity
  • Measure and monitoring of developments quality based on evaluation and control of the technical debt
  • Decision-making support with consideration of the Business Value
  • A role-based dashboard adapted to each stakeholder:product owner, scrum master, developer
  • Collaboration features to ease the implementation of Agile practices, such as comments, alerts, notes


Agile Charts

Squore provides specific features dedicated to the evaluation and monitoring of agile process compliance and performance, sucha as burndown chart, change management, backlog management.

Example of an specific Agile chart: Target Completion Ratio

Collaboration Features to Ease the Implementation of Agile Practices

Squore includes collaboration features (comments on charts, alerts and notes) to ease the implementation of Agile practices and develop motivation, team awareness and communication and collaboration between all players.

Collaboration features include comments on charts, alerts and notes