Powerful Interface for Car2x/V2X Communication

VN4610 - 802.11p/CAN (FD)/GNSS Interface

The VN4610 interface is a special solution for IEEE 802.11p and CAN (FD) based applications. It is designed to optimally match CANoe Option .Car2x. This makes the VN4610 the ideal extension of your CANoe.Car2x test tool for getting your 802.11p-based ECUs on the road to series production.

The VN4610 supports receiving and transmitting of IEEE 802.11p frames which are used for the implementation of Car2x/V2X applications. The built-in GNSS receiver supplies the current time and the current position. All provided time stamps can be synchronized to UTC time.


  • Transmitting/receiving frames according to IEEE 802.11p
  • Two configurable IEEE 802.11p WLAN channels
  • Unfiltered forwarding of IEEE 802.11p data packets to the application
  • Adjustable communication parameters such as radio channel selection, bandwidth, transmission power, modulation type and protocol format LPD/EPD
  • Two CAN high-speed channels CAN (FD) capable
  • GNSS receiver provides current position and time
  • Precise time stamp (accuracy 1μs) based on GNSS time
  • VN4610 and CANoe. Car2x/CANalyzer. Car2x are optimally matched to each other
  • Synchronization with several interfaces and with other bus systems (Ethernet, CAN, LIN, FlexRay,...)
  • Analog/digital IO functionality
  • Robust housing
  • Power supply and temperature range ideal for automotive and industrial applications
  • Time synchronization with PTP according to IEEE 1588 standard

Application Areas

The VN4610 meets all hardware requirements that are needed as a basis for testing DSRC applications via IEEE 802.11p radio channels.


  • Analysis:  The VN4610 forwards all received radio frames of the two radio channels unfiltered to the test tool for analysis. Therefore, frames can also be analyzed which would otherwise be rejected by a ECU due to timing, geo information or protocol errors. Since the time stamps of the messages on the bus channels are synchronized in time, latency measurements can also be carried out.
  • Simulation/Stimulation: CANoe .Car2x together with the VN4610 offers a perfectly coordinated solution to create a virtual environment stimulation for testing your Car2x/V2X applications. The VN4610 receives/transmits frames, whereby the communication parameters can be easily and individually configured for the different tests.
  • GNSS Receiver: The VN4610 provides precise position, time and speed information that can be used by the application as test stimulus or other purposes. In addition, absolute UTC timestamps can be used to synchronize recordings of distributed measurements for subsequent analysis.
  • Time Synchronization: The VN4610 enables precise time synchronization with PTP according to IEEE1588 standard. For example, the device can be configured as a PTP master with UTC time base provided by the built-in GNSS receiver.

Product Descriptions

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802.11p channels/transceiver
2 channels with NXP SAF5100
GNSS channel/transceiver
uBlox NEO-M8U supports GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo; up to 3 systems simultaneously
CAN/CAN (FD) channels/transceiver/
physical layer
2 x NXP TJA1057G CAN Highspeed (CAN (FD) capable)
Analog and digital I/O
1 x analog in, 2 x digital in, 1 x digital out
Time stamp accuracy
within one device
1 μs
sync. of multiple devices
typ. 50 μs
with sync cable
typ. 1 μs
2 x SMA for 802.11p; 1 x SMA for GNSS;
2 x DSUB9 for CAN(FD) (single channel); 1 x DSUB9 for I/O
CAN up to 2 Mbit/s. CAN FD up to 8 Mbit/s.
802.11p depending on modulation type up to 27 Mbit/s
PC interface
USB 2.0 highspeed
Average response time
250 μs
External power supply
6 V...50 V DC
Power consumption
typically 7 W
Operating system requirements
Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 7/8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Driver library
XL Driver Library for CAN
Temperature range
Dimensions (WxHxD)
111mm x 45mm x 157mm (without antennas)
ca. 610g
Robust aluminium housing


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