How to Handle Gigantic Testing Tasks with Standard Solutions
Case Study Airbus Operations
System test rig with cabin ceiling, some original equipment, and control desk (© Airbus / Michael Bahlo)

Testing of the Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS)

Read how Airbus masters gigantic testing tasks in various cabin configurations. Standard solutions and Vector tools like CANoe and VT System help Airbus to master this challenge.

The Customer

Airbus Operations

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

The Task

Dealing with numerous different variants of cabin configurations

The cabin is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that distinguishes one airline from another. This means that the cabin equipment can differ significantly from airplane to airplane. The Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS) consists of two redundant host computers, touch
panels, handsets and headsets, display and warning panels that are distributed throughout and connected via numerous networks and data buses. The system handles over 80,000 signals and 500 data bus links. The huge amount of system components, signals and communication channels have made tests increasingly more time-intensive. Previous test benches required many manual interventions and operating steps. The system would need to generate all the required stimuli, monitor all outputs and simulate the necessary aircraft environment. It would also need to enable test engineers to create automated test procedures easily and rapidly. One of the most important requirements remained that the test system must permit easy adaptation of the tests for different cabin configurations.

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Standard Test Package suitable to supplement customer-specific extensions

Vector's CANoe software is used as the test and simulation software. CANoe serves as a platform for executing the tests, displaying test reports as well as for implementing the remaining bus simulation and environment simulation for the system under test. The Vector VT System is tailored for this, providing the measurement hardware, interfaces, switching units, etc. In the effort to attain a high level of test automation and wide-ranging re-usability, it is possible to apply tests that have already been written to any conceivable equipped test benches. This is managed by the Test Automation Framework (TAF). The TAF is located between test case design and the test execution environment, and it can be subdivided into a lower layer, the TAF Core, and an upper layer, which provides test functions. The TAF Core represents the runtime environment for developing test functions and test cases, and it supplies information about the test system and cabin layout. The upper TAF layer provides the test functions and represents the actual interface to the test design.

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Significant time reduction and high degree of flexibility

  • Test benches implemented for the CIDS have led to a significant test time reduction for high-level tests: from one week down to single hours
  • New systems can handle up to 6,000 input/output channels, and they are distinguished by their high degree of flexibility
  • The achieved flexibility makes it easy to re-use already written tests for other configurations and product lines
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