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Proven Tools for Fast Development and Easy Testing: Vector Solutions for Medical Engineering at MedtecLive

Development and test tools from Vector have been setting standards in the automotive field for decades now, but they are hardly known in application areas such as medical technology. Since embedded software is playing a continually growing role in that field as well, there is increasing demand for suitable support in developing networked system solutions for medical technology. That is why Vector is presenting its platform of tools and services for accelerated development and simplified testing of medical electronics at MedtecLIVE in Nuremberg.

Vector development and test tools for embedded systems in medical technology.

Vector is focusing on three application areas at its MedtecLIVE booth in Hall 9/9-610: automatic testing of embedded medical technology applications, simulation and test environments for medical technology systems and solutions for model-driven system development.

Software tests are essential in medical technology to assure the quality of electronic devices in accordance with FDA requirements and the IEC 62304 standard. The embedded software test platform VectorCAST is a product line that automates the necessary tests over the entire development process. For users, this significantly reduces the time and effort they will require for module and integration tests, since code coverage is determined from system tests, and testing is change-based.

Vector's CANoe and vTESTstudio tools and its modular VT System test hardware enable users to plan, simulate and test the communications of entire networks. Scalable SIL (Software-in-the-Loop) simulations and HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) tests that are used during development can be implemented with minimal effort in a process-conformant and re-usable way. At all times, it is possible to access bus systems like CAN/CANopen and IP/Ethernet/Wi-Fi as well as analog and digital input/output interfaces such as SPI, I2C, PSI5 and SENT.

In medical technology, an important prerequisite to successful regulatory audits is documentation of all development processes that is well-founded and traceable. Systems engineering is increasingly relying on model-driven processes and methods to ensure that system architects can still master the resulting complexity. The Vector solution for this approach is PREEvision: a tool for model-based development of distributed, embedded systems, which is also being presented at MedtecLIVE in Nuremberg.

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