DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.24.22

Extends MICROSAR deliveries with the DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.24. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.


Support for RTE Implementation Plugin

  • Introduce Annotation "DV:RIPS" and Extend Model Abstraction
  • Introduce a validator to synchronize external RIPS FlatInstanceDescriptors with EcuExtract references
  • Provide a UI to create and modify RIPS references at port elements

Support for Logical Execution Time (LET) Modelling

  • Introduce new 'Timing' editor domain
  • Introduce editor 'Logical Execution Time' in new 'Timing' domain

BaseEcuC Generator Features and Issue Fixes

  • Derive missing SdInstanceTxPdu, SdInstanceUnicastRxPdu and SdInstanceMulticastRxPdu
  • References to Sd(Client-/Server-)Timer cannot be resolved
  • XCP and DoIP PDUs are not recognized correctly on a ASR 4.4 Ethernet bus
  • Incomplete SoAdPduRoutes and SoAdSocketRoutes for StaticSocketConnections
  • Derive new routine parameter types into DcmDspRoutineSignalType
  • Derive DiagnosticEnvBswModeElements into DcmBswModeRef
  • UI shows 'UpdateWorkflow finished with errors' but no error is shown in Dialog
  • Calculate UUIDs for SdClientTimers and SdServerTimers are not unique
  • Exception in BaseEcuc Generator when checking SecuredIPdus with UserDefinedIPdu payload for dynamic length feature
  • Derive ComIPduSignalProcessing also for TxPorts
  • Implement DoIPInterface mapping rule
  • Final Update Workflow status might be not up-to-date
  • Change mapping rules depending on EthernetCommunicationConnector.networkEndpoint
  • Error BASEECUC61001 is throw even the configuration is correct
  • Derive additional Category for DiagnosticReadDTCInformation
  • Support multicast-only Ethernet service discovery modelling
  • Wrong derivation of SecuredIPdu in SomeIpTpConnection
  • Multicast SoAdSocketConnectionGroups cannot be resolved
  • XCP and DoIP PDUs are not recognized correctly on a ASR 4.5 Ethernet bus
  • Adapt EcucUpdaterReader tree algorithm
  • SoAdSocketConnectionGroup references cannot be resolved
  • Missing SoAdPduRoutes and SoAdSocketRoutes

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Adapt Memory Block Assistant for IUMPR block
  • Support Request Package should support relative paths outside of project directory
  • Memory Mapping Assistant: Change Content of Component Column
  • PostBuild-Selectable Support for Bus Controller Editor

Fixed Issues

  • Compare and Merge Assistant: Function Definition Import - Function names are not sorted alphabetically
  • SwcGeneration: Array-DataType-SubElement is created with invalid shortname
  • '+' key should not create a new item
  • ConnectorValidationRule RT00002 Error When Comparing Init Values
  • EOCGroups Cause Exception in ExecutionOrderConstraintValidationRule
  • FlatMap File Always Created With Version 4.0.3
  • Multi Driver: Full CAN object created in the wrong driver
  • Column resizing not predictable
  • Executing a DV_EDITOR_MULTI_SELECTION script with only one element selected causes an exception
  • 'AR-ECUC02027 Integer value out of range' occurs if the SIP contains no Com module
  • ComponentTypeValidationRule: Performance Issue
  • 'Select All' does not only consider displayed/filtered grid entries
  • Navigating through editor history shows errors on removed modules
  • Performance issue after creating PDU partition references
  • Top Down Service Config: Wrong Conditions for Deriving JobEndCallBack Value
  • Error Message 'Developer cannot be executed' occurs in configurations without DaVinci Developer


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MD5 hash : 983d204867aa254eeb3d8727aca6ca4c
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