Visual Studio Extension for Diagnostic Sequence Authoring

The Visual Studio extension provides a professional development environment for diagnostic sequence authoring using the Vector Diagnostics Scripting (VDS) Library in C#.

It provides support for different project types: pure VDS projects (CDD/ODX-based diagnostics), OBD projects and vFlash custom actions (pre-/post-programming scripts).


  • Configuration of CANdelaStudio databases (CDD) and ODX/PDX-containers for IntelliSense and debugging
  • IntelliSense for ECU qualifiers, request qualifiers, parameters and parameter values
  • Code Analyzers for applying best practices (qualifier correctness, data conversions, memory management)
  • Debugging of diagnostic sequences using Vector hardware (e.g. VN16xx) or Virtual CAN even against real ECUs or vehicles + debugging features integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio® like Breakpoints, Watch Window, …
  • Special Diagnostic Trace window for analysis of bus communication
  • Creation of Indigo Pack&Go for instant usage in Vector Indigo and optional download to vScriptDiagnostics for standalone execution of sequences on the Vector VN8810
  • Extensive test-framework for diagnostic sequences with support for MSTest, NUnit and XUnit
  • Mocking-framework to inject faults (e.g. communication error) and test the robustness of the code
  • And much more!

Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019
  • License of Indigo (5 or higher), vFlash (4 or higher) or vScriptDiagnostics

Release Notes of VDS IDE 1.1 SP6 (released 2021-05-06):

  • [VDSIDE-520] - Add support for ReSharper 2021
  • [VDSIDE-468] - Support 32bit References
  • [VDSIDE-516] - Add Support for vFlash 7 Project Schema
  • [VDSIDE-518] - Support vFlash Reporting


Release Notes of VDS IDE 1.1 SP5 (released 2021-04-09):

  • [VDSIDE-495] - Support vFlash 6 project schema
  • [VDSIDE-501] - Support diagnostic authentication API
  • [VDSIDE-509, VDSIDE-496] - Fixed several IntelliSense problems
  • [VDSIDE-494] - Fixed performance issues in VS2019


Release Notes of VDS IDE 1.1 SP4 (released 2020-03-30):

  • [VDSIDE-454] - Support for extended vFlash Custom Action API: The Visual Studio Extension now supports vFlash Custom Actions which use the IControlHandle API.
  • [VDSIDE-474] - Support for Vector Support Assistant 3.4.
  • [VDSIDE-472] - Support for Vector License Client 4.4.
  • [VDSIDE-475] - Support for CANdelaStudio 13 file format


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