ASAP2 Tool-Set
Easily Create and Edit ECU Description Files

ASAP2 Tool-Set – Editing A2L Description Files Extensively and Easily

Graphic automatic ASAP2 generation process with ASAP2 Tool-Set

One prerequisite for using CCP and XCP as measurement and calibration protocol is the existence of an ASAP2 description file. The ASAP2 Tool-Set is used to create and check this file. It consists of the ASAP2 Studio and six command line programs that you configure via initialization files. The ASAP2 Studio is a convenient tool for creating and visualizing A2L files dialogue-guided via a user interface.

  • Automatically generate ASAP2 files based on C-Code comments
  • Update the address and data type information in an ASAP2 file
  • Merge multiple ASAP2 files into one joint file
  • Compare two ASAP2 files with results documentation in various formats
  • Check ASAP2 files for syntactic and semantic errors
  • Search filters enable specific modifications and optimizations of ASAP2 files
  • The A2L editor is the right solution for creating and visualizing standardized ECU description files


  • The ASAP2 Tool-Set offers extensive and convenient support in editing ECU description files in A2L format.
  • The command line programs can be integrated into automated processes. Warnings and error messages are stored in a log file and the result is determined via the exit code.
  • With ASAP2 Studio, ECU description files are conveniently created, modified and updated via the dialog-guided user interface.
  • All versions released by ASAM can be edited, including the latest version 1.7.1. Format of generated output file is configurable (from ASAP2 1.4.0 to 1.7.1).
  • Quickly accept address and data type information from the Linker-Map file or Debug file when creating database objects.
  • A2L files that are not standard-conformant can also be read-in using the configurable tolerance
  • The interface-specific parts of the ASAP2 file are interpreted and rewritten to the output file based on the given meta language. All IF_DATA types are supported.


The Seven Programs of ASAP2 Tool-Set

ASAP2 Creator

A prerequisite for use of the ASAP2 Creator is that comments must be inserted in the C-code. ASAP2-specific information such as data type, conversion rules, min-max conditions, structures, arrays, etc. is defined in these comments.

ASAP2 Updater

The ASAP2 Updater reads in an ASAP2 source file, updates all address and data type information based on the entries in a linker map file and generates a new ASAP2 file from this information.

ASAP2 Merger

The ASAP2 Merger merges several ASAP2 files to a common ASAP2 file. One of the source files must be determined as master, the other source files are slaves. From the master, all information is used for the result ASAP2 file, from the slaves only the measurement and calibration objects, conversion rules, functions, groups, and record layouts are taken into account.

ASAP2 Comparer

The ASAP2 Comparer lets you compare two ASAP2 files quickly and conveniently. An initialization file is used to define which objects should be compared. The results are documented in a file. Different file formats may be used for this results file: text, CSV or XML.

ASAP2 Checker

Not every A2L file conforms to criteria of the standard. To assure high process reliability over the entire toolchain, an A2L file is checked against the standard, and deviations are pointed out. Along with syntax checking, more extensive semantic plausibility checks can also be performed.

ASAP2 Modifier

This tool lets users modify ASAP2 files in specific ways. Some of the supported modifications are:

  • Complex filtering of ASAP2 files by any desired search criteria (name, comment, address, object attribute, etc.). The search results can be taken from the ASAP2 file or be extracted to a separate file.
  • Configurable optimization of the ASAP2 file (reducing file size by removing redundant information)
  • Correction functions (removing invalid key words and references from the ASAP2 file, invalid characters in object names can be replaced)
Screenshot Configuration of a characteristic map in the ASAP2 Studio
Configuration of a characteristic map in the ASAP2 Studio

ASAP2 Studio

The convenient ASAP2 Studio is used to create, modify and update ECU description files in ASAP2 format. The editor is optimally integrated in the development process. For example, when the ASAP2 Studio is used to create database objects, address and data type information can be taken from the linker map file or debug file. ASAP2 Studio is the “standalone” version of the database editor integrated in CANape. The graphical user interface is sorted by areas of application and permits fast, easy use with the intuitive ribbon.

Highlights Version 15.0

  • Performance improvements when filtering objects in ASAP2 Updater and ASAP2 Modifier
  • Performance improvements in ASAP2 Studio when displaying the MAP file window
  • Improved update of A2L structures when changes are made in the MAP file
  • For easier use of A2L files in CANape, the ASAP2 Updater generates parameter groups for pointerbased calibration methods.
  • The ASAP2 Modifier generates XCP event definitions and the assignment of events to measured variables. This simplifies the measurement use case in CANape.
  • ASAP2 Studio supports additional MAP formats for improved compatibility with older Tool-Set and CANape versions.
  • Extended configuration options for the MAP file window reduce the amount of data displayed.
  • Additional columns in the overview window of ASAP2 Studio provide a better overview and extended documentation options.

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  • Windows 10/8.1/7 (64-bit)
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