Programming Library for Access to CAN Databases


The basis for developing distributed ECU networks is a structured description of the network and communication relationships. The CAN network data is exchanged between project participants in DBC format. CAN network data is available from individual automotive OEMs for nearly all types of motor vehicles worldwide.

CAN databases contain all data relevant to a networking project; this includes the communication nodes  of the network, CAN messages and signals transmitted in the messages with their positions, bit counts, physical units and linear conversion formulas.

CANdbLib is a programming library that lets you use CAN databases in your own tools. The library offers a convenient C++ interface (API)  that makes it easy to access the data of a DBC database as well as functions for accessing signals in CAN messages.



  • Simplifies data exchange between all pro-ject participants globally

  • Lets you integrate the CAN databases in your own tools such as your own measurement systems

  • Raw signal data can be converted to a physical value

  • You get convenient access to all informa-tion in the DBC databases

  • Less effort required for training in the DBC format and for development, testing and tool maintenance.


  • CANdbLib provides functions via C++ classes so that information can be read from CAN databases and used in software tools.

  • The object-oriented approach with a class structure optimized for tasks lets you learn the supplied functionality quickly and apply it intuitively.

  • CANdbLib decodes signals from CAN messages to convert them into physical measurement values. This makes it easy for you to interpret measure-ment signals based on the description in the DBC file and display them in a user-friendly way.

  • A sample project helps to quickly learn how to use the product without requiring detailed knowledge of the DBC file format.

  • You can set up your own databases with the CANdb++ Editor that is included.


You can visualize the data of a CAN database with the CANdb++ Editor.

Scope of Delivery

CANdbLib is available as a developer license package which consists of the CANdbLib class library (DLL), the CANdb++ Editor and five runtime licenses. As an option, license packages with additional runtime licenses are available.

  • CANdb++ Editor (standard version) for Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • C++ class library for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/ 2013/2015 under Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • 5 runtime licenses

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