Data Logger
Two product families. One goal: data logging in the vehicle

Data Logging Solutions: GL Logger or Smart Logger?

Your use case decides which product family is best suited to your task in the vehicle. Both families are designed for the robust usage in vehicles. Find all information here to make your decision easier.

What is a GL Logger?

GL Loggers are a family of robust standalone data loggers, with a very simple to use, template based configuration tool. Their main application is the use in vehicles, for quality assurance or to search for sporadic errors. GL Loggers have a focus on recording communication on vehicle networks. The recordings can be enhanced by using vehicle diagnostics or CCP/XCP. Environmental data, from analog measurement to context cameras, as well as the position through GPS can be acquired through a variety of accessories.  Power consumption is lower and boot times shorter, by orders of magnitude, than with PC based loggers.

What is a Smart Logger?

Smart Logger is the combination of measurement software (CANape log or vMeasure exp) and an industrial computer platform. This gives you universal access to measurement data coupled with the simplicity of a data logger. Install the data logger in the vehicle, connect all sensors, buses, ECUs, cameras and much more to the data logger. Connect your laptop via Ethernet, load an existing measurement configuration onto the data logger or use the software interface for configuration. In logger-only mode, a web-based GUI is all the driver needs to interact with and monitor the data logger.


  GL Loggers Smart Loggers
Main application Quality assurance or search for sporadic errors ADAS and e-drive development
Use case Standalone data Logging
Standalone data logging and
Interactive use
Configuration tool Very simple to use, template-based configuration tool (free of charge) Configured with their associated desktop applications, vMeasure exp (free of charge*) and CANape
Additional protocols Diagnostics, CCP/XCP Diagnostics, CCP/XCP, SOME/IP, vendor specific protocols,  ..
Expandability A variety of accessories allow acquisition of environment data or allow simple interaction with a driver Combination with all Vector CAN (FD), FlexRay and LIN network interfaces and the VX1000 family
Additional functionality
Cloud Features allow remote access to upload recorded data or replace the measurement configuration through LTE.
Programming language LTL (e.g. for online analyzing)
Programming language CASL (e.g. for controlling the tool, online data analyzing, complex trigger definitions,  ..)
Online analysis using library functions or customer developed CASL- and Matlab Simulink based functions.
eMobility Analyzer for e-drive

* for configuration purpose


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