Testing Trends

Embedded software is omnipresent! No one can get past it anymore. Today, almost every electronic device contains software that significantly influences the function of the device.

However, developing these embedded systems is a complicated and error-prone business. It is not a given that software is operational and reliable. It takes professional and efficient testing to achieve this.

The enormous and rapid development of information technology will continue. Can test methods and test tools keep pace? What new requirements, methods and tools are emerging, conceivable and desirable?

Answers on what the future of testing looks like can be found here.

Software Development

While everyone is aware of the software quality gap that exists between initial release and stable release, not much progress is being made toward solving the problem.

This article will discuss 5 actionable ideas to help development groups close the quality gap:

  1. Use Code Coverage Analysis
  2. Improve Test Coverage with Unit Tests
  3. Make Tests Easy to Run, and Results Easy to Understand
  4. Implement Automated, Parallel, and Change-Based Testing
  5. Refactor Code Bases to Improve Maintainability