ODXStudio 7: Even more User-friendly Thanks to the new GUI in Metro Design and Considerably Faster with Huge Packaged ODX Files


The Highlights of the new Version

Faster Working with Large PDX Files

  • Automatic reload of the PDX file when changes are made
  • Fast jump to PDX file location
  • Increased performance

    • faster loading and saving
    • faster creation of large list views
    • faster comparison of ODX projects

  • Direct link from file comparison to ODX comparison

Improvements in the ODX-D Expert View

  • Support for mandatory OIDs
  • Visual highlighting of inheritance
  • Easily navigate to files from ODX elements
  • Quickly add multiple files to the Project Explorer in just one step.
  • Validation of values for OWN-IDENTs/EXPECTED-IDENTs
  • Facilitated working with TABLEs:

    • Hide already used TABLE ROWs for TABLE ROW REFs
    • Display conversions used for TABLE-ROWs/TABLE-ROW-REFs
    • Simplified editing of TABLE-ROW.KEY based on TEXT-TABLEs

Further Optimizations

  • User interface now in “Metro” design: Better overview for the user thanks to flat operating elements and reduced number of separators.
  • Customer-specific enhancements: Automatic creation of ODX-V, ODX-E and ODX-F categories


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