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Conformance & Interoperability Testing for E-Vehicles Made Easy

CANoe Test Package EV Provides Powerful Test Library for CCS Charging Standard

You are responsible for proving that an e-vehicle (EV) complies with the CCS standard and is therefore interoperable with any CCS charging station. This requires a lot of work due to the immense number of possible combinations to be tested.

To simplify your task Vector offers automatically executable and powerful library of test cases provided with CANoe Test Package EV. This enables you to check whether the requirements for conformance and interoperability have been met.

The provided tests offer exactly what you need:

  •     Coverage of relevant test scenarios
  •     Up-to-date at all times
  •     Clearly structured

... and they very easy to run within this tool chain:

  • Test cases can be used for testing individual ECUs up to entire e-vehicles
  • Easily extensible test cases for further individual tests through implementation with vTESTstudio
  • Easy selection and execution of test cases in CANoe
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