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Software Testing Symposium 2019
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San Jose, CA USA

Software Testing Symposium 2019 | San Jose, CA USA

Join us for Vector’s second annual Software Testing Symposium on June 12, 2019 in San Jose, CA. This complimentary one-day event contains presentations on the latest software testing topics, trends and techniques. The event features an exhibition area with demos of innovative technologies designed to simplify testing.

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At Vector’s Software Testing Symposium being held on June 12, 2019,  in San Jose, CA, we will be presenting an interesting overview of current trends and innovative solutions in the world of software development including testing in Agile and DevOps environments.

Benefit from the know-how of presenters who work in software development, and meet industry colleagues directly on-site in a comfortable atmosphere.

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Registration and Breakfast
Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After…
Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Bonine, VP of Global Delivery and Services, tap | QA
How software testing has evolved over time
  • Strategies to make sure testers stay relevant
  • Importance of keeping up with technology trends
Quality Metrics Through Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
Adam Arakelian, Director of Engineering, Dell EMC
Promoting code and building business confidence
  • Focusing on how to leverage quality metrics at all stages of testing
  • Using a CI/CD pipeline to drive code quality
Coffee Break and Exhibition
The Future is Software: The Vector Tool Strategy for Software Testing
Ute Katranski, Product Manager Testing Tools, Vector Germany
Integration and testing concepts for software tests
  • Test concepts and test design methods for efficient HIL system tests
  • How to apply these approaches for pure software system tests
With Proper Tools and Training, Anyone Can Be Successful with Testing
Mazen Hamdan, Manager Drivetrain Electronics,  Aisin Technical Center of America Inc.
Assessing capabilities and setting up a testing goals plan
  • Understanding the project’s need to acquire tools and the team’s training needs
  • Case study on obstacles faced setting up an automated testing environment
Lunch Break and Exhibition
Agile in a Non-Agile World
Keynote Speaker: Jeff Payne, CEO, Coveros, Inc.
Applying Agile principles to safety-critical systems
  • When and how Agile works in a regulated environment
  • Challenges that must be overcome and how to overcome them
Evolving Development and Test Strategies in the Automotive Industry
Raghuram Sudhaakar, Senior Technical Leader, Cisco
Adopting development strategies and policies to keep up with increasing software volume
  • Dealing with the push to reduce release cycles while maintaining software quality
  • Improving on the iterative testing strategies of the past
Coffee Break and Exhibition
Testing Embedded Software in a Host Environment
Jeffrey Fortin, VectorCAST Product Manager, Vector North America
Improving quality and reducing cost of embedded systems by starting the testing effort early in the development cycle
  • Tackling the challenges of developing embedded systems in a DevOps workflow
  • Using test automation to improve quality
A Software Testing Case Study: Testing an Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Module
Jeff Lovell, Systems Engineer, Pi Innovo
A modern application of software testing through the combination of model-based development and software unit testing
  • Enabling re-use of familiar methods and test scripts
  • Adding capability to quantify new code coverage metrics after automatic code generation
Conclusion with Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres 


Register today and join us on June 12th in San Jose, CA for Vector's second annual Software Testing Symposium.

Register for the Software Testing Symposium 2019


420 South 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95172 USA
+1 408-831-2433

Review 2018

A Short Review and a Big Thank You!

Software Testing Symposium 2018 | Boston, MA

Vector presented its first Software Testing Symposium in North America on September 19, 2018 in Boston, MA. This complimentary one-day event contained presentations on the latest software testing topics, trends and techniques. 

Real-World Know-How

Proven experts from the field of software development presented their projects and solutions. Keynote speaker and software testing expert, James Bach opened the event and was joined by speakers from leading organizations including Carnival, Dell EMC, and Sunrise Labs. Topics focused on solutions in software testing including:

  • Defining the role of today’s software tester
  • Mitigating risk by taking guesswork out of testing
  • Building a software test team and providing metrics during the test process
  • Defining actionable ideas for improving software quality
  • Deploying multi-phase testing in a DevOps pipeline using unit test automation
  • Test concepts and design methods for efficient HIL system tests
  • “Shifting left” through the adoption of automated testing and continuous integration

The event ended with an engaging panel discussion to answer the question “Should testing be done by dedicated teams?”


Lecture 01: James Bach, Founder and Principal, Satisfice, Inc.
Lecture 02: Janna Loeffler, Sr. Manager Experience Quality Standards, Carnival Corporation
Lecture 03: John Paliotta, Global Product Line Manager Code Testing, Vector North America
Lecture 04: Adam Arakelian, Director of Engineering, Dell EMC
Lecture 05: Jim Turner, Director of Software Engineering, Sunrise Labs
Lecture 06: Jeffrey Fortin, VectorCAST Product Manager, Vector North America
Lecture 07: Ute Katranski, Product Manager Testing Tools, Vector Germany


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