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2019-05-06 - 2019-05-07

Stuttgart (Germany)

Vector Testing Symposium 2019 | Germany

Experience „live“ the latest new developments in software quality assurance and testing in the automotive, avionic and medical devices industries.


At the Vector Testing Symposium in Stuttgart on May 6 and 7 at the Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart, Germany, we offer you pure information on testing of software and electronic components.

  • May 6 – Workshop Day
    Warm up with hands-on workshops starting in the afternoon. Meet the Vector Academy experts and become familiar with techniques and tools that will help you with your everyday work.
  • May 7 – Conference Day
    Join technical presentations of experts from well-known companies, who are deeply involved in the field of testing.

Also take advantage of the trade exhibition for on-the-spot direct discussions of your individual requirements with product specialists and business partners.

Interested? - Then register for the event today. It's free to participate.

Workshop Day:

Explore new Tech

Getting to know techniques and tools that help with the daily work in the testing area: that's what it is all about on the first day.

The hands-on workshops will be conducted by experts from the training and development sectors.


03:30 pm
Reception - Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart, Germany
03:45 pm
04:00 pm
  • Track 1: Vector Testing Portfolio for Beginners
  • Track 2: vTESTstudio - Traceability and Test Execution Planning
  • Track 3: VT System - Setup of a Mini-HIL
  • Track 4: CAPL-Enhancements for vTESTstudio
  • Track 5: Testing AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • Track 6: VectorCAST - Measuring CANoe test coverage
07:30 pm
Group Dinner and Networking


Workshop Contents

Vector Testing Portfolio for Beginners

  • Overview Vector Testing Portfolio
  • CANoe configuration in preparation
  • Test Design basics with vTESTstudio
  • Creating tests with test tables
  • Test execution and reporting with CANoe
  • Parameters and variants
  • Introduction to test sequence diagrams
  • Traceability
- None
Number of participants
- max. 20 participants
Seminar language
- German (English, if international guests participate)
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vTESTstudio – Traceability and Test Execution Planning

  • Test Case Attributes: Definition of additional metadata for test cases
  • Test case lists with parameter-specific trace item links
  • Test case overview: One view, many possibilities
  • Test execution planning in vTESTstudio
  • CANoe Execution Adapter
  • Traceability workflow and execution planning using the example of an external TDM system
- Basic knowledge of vTESTstudio und CANoe
Number of participants
- max. 20 participants
Seminar language
- German (English, if international guests participate)
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VT System – Setup of a Mini-HIL

  • Structure and configuration of the VT System
  • Integration of a simulation model
  • Linking the simulation model with VT System I/Os
  • Creation and parameterization of tests in vTESTstudio
  • Execution of closed-loop HIL tests
  • Analysis of Ethernet communication
  • Online calibration of the simulation model
- Basic knowledge of CANoe and the VT System
Number of participants
- max. 20 participants
Seminar language
- German (English, if international guests participate)
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CAPL-Enhancements for vTESTstudio

  • Less known and useful CAPL features
  • Defines, pragmas, data types
  • Make more out of databases
  • From everyday training: CAPL extensions for vTESTstudio
    - background observations
    - User dialogs for semi-automatic testing
    - Reporting of data
    - Read CSV files
    - Writing INI files
    - Control logging and data filtering
- Basic knowledge in programming
Number of participants
- max. 20 participants
Seminar language
- German (English, if international guests participate)
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Testing of AUTOSAR Adaptive

  • Introduction to AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • Support of service-oriented communication in CANoe
  • Description of a Service with vCDL
  • Creating a service simulation with CANoe
  • Automated testing of the service with CANoe
- Basic knowledge of CANoe
Number of participants
- max. 20 participants
Seminar language
- German (English, if international guests participate)
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VectorCAST – Measuring CANoe Test Coverage

  • Introduction to code coverage measurement with VectorCAST
  • Basics of Code Coverage and why ISO26262 believes to increase the SW quality
  • Using VectorCAST with CANoe
  • Transmission of the data coverage via CAN bus
  • Change-based execution of CANoe test cases
- Basic knowledge in programming
Number of participants
- max. 20 participants
Seminar language
- German (English, if international guests participate)
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Conference Day:

Connect with Experts

Technical presentations by experts from well-known companies, who are deeply involved in the field of testing, are the focus of the second day.

The event will be moderated by Christiane Stein, TV presenter and news journalist.


Conference language: German and English with simultaneous translation in both languages.

Reception - Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart, Germany
Thomas Riegraf,
We all need to get agile - or are we already?
  • What does agility mean?
  • How widely-used is the agile approach in practice?
  • What are the prerequisites for becoming agile?
  • What changes in the (test) process, in the (test) tasks?
  • What changes for the tester, the test manager?
Prof. Andreas Spillner
Achieving high test coverage for an ASIL system
How to increase test coverage in early project phases
  • CANoe - VT System - CarMaker, HIL test environment
  • High coverage of test scenarios using vTESTStudio
  • Test case examples used for active damping systems
Mattias Savinainen,
Volvo Cars
Automated Testing of Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Virtual testing environment
  • Multiple project variants management
  • Controlling ETAS device with CANoe + vTESTstudio
Bo Zeng,
Chong Ma,
Coffee Break & Trade Exhibition
Diagnosis SW System Test at Bosch eBike Systems
Combined Automated Testing on CAN and GUI Level
  • eBike Diagnostics,  can2usb gateway, Java application
  • Test Automation, WSDL Test Interface, vTESTstudio
  • Graphical Test Design, CANoe, Remaining Bus Simulation
Dr. Jonathan Neidhardt,
Sebastian Bube,
P3 Systems
Test Design – Status  & Outlook
Ute Katranski,
Lunch Break & Trade Exhibition
Testing the Security of Embedded Systems
Side-Channel Attacks, Reverse Engineering, and more
  • Presentation of test methods for safety analysis
    on the basis of practical case studies
  • Firmware extraction
  • "Reverse engineering of binary program code
    side-channel attacks
Dr. David Oswald,
Embedded SW Criticality in Today’s Automotive Industry
  • Continental Powertrain Engine Systems issues and needs
  • SQUORE as a solution?
  • The Continental Maturity Index (CMI)
  • SQUORE benefits at Continental Engine Systems
  • Future work, further applications
Stéphane Bride, Continental
Accelerating ISO 26262 Compliance by change-based testing
  • Challenges applying the ISO 26262 for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Change-based testing offers fast feedback loops, only run the tests that were affected by the code change
  • Automatically identify the minimum tests for each code change
Ingo Nickles,
Coffee Break & Trade Exhibition
Aircraft Cabin Test
Test Automation for a Complex System
  • Airbus Operations Buxtehude
  • Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS)
  • Motivation for Test Automation
  • Project Scope
  • Solution
Helmut Weber,
TC 8 Conformance Testing of Automotive Ethernet Networks
Reaching all ISO/OSI levels with one solution
  • Setup and particularity of Automotive Ethernet Networks
  • Overview on Open Alliance TC 8 Conformance Tests
  • Exemplary Test setups with CANoe + VT System
  • Outook on planned development topics of the VT System
Dr. Heiner Hild
Dr. Stefan Krauß,



Accompanying the lectures, we will present a large exhibition with a wide range of products and solutions for developing and testing embedded systems. Talk to the Vector colleagues at their workstations about your questions and requests on the following topics:

  • Virtual Testing of AUTOSAR Software
  • Development and test of embedded Systems with CANoe and vTESTstudio
  • VectorCAST - Proven Test Solutions for Reliable Software
  • Testing of In-Vehicle Ethernet Networks And Protocols
  • HIL Testing with the Modular VT System
  • Intelligent add-on solutions for the VT System

  • V2X Solution

  • Virtual Test Drives with DYNA4

  • Fuzz Testing with CANoe

  • Diagnostic Validation with CANoe .DiVa




The event will take place at the Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart (Germany).

Sparkassenakademie Stuttgart
Pariser Platz 3A
70173 Stuttgart (GERMANY)



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Lecture 11: Ute Katranski, Vector, Dr. Heiner Hild, Vector

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