CANoe 11.0 SP2 (64 bit)

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With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • The CAPL functions sysGetVariableMin and sysGetVariableMax support unsigned 32bit and 64bit values now
  • A paused Graphics Window loads data much quicker when stopping the measurement
  • The Hex column in the Graphics Window shows correct values now


  • Autosar Explorer 2 supports the AR Scheme 4.3.1
  • Autosar PDUIL: new CAPL function for Faultinjection (ARILFaultInjectionDisablePDU, ARILFaultInjectionEnablePDU)

Diagnose Feature Set

  • Fix for an issue with the FPL byte in start frames (FlexRay)
  • Fix for an issue, by which diagnostic requests, which were sent by the Diagnostic Console were not visible in the Trace Window (FlexRay)
  • Fix for a sporadic Runtime Kernel Crash at measurement stop
  • Improved handling of timing parameters from ODX/PDX diagnostic description in combination with LOGICAL-LINKs
  • Additional CAPL functions and improved authentication in combination with the Security Manager


  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) with new Public Key Infrastructure Source (PKI Source)

    • TLS communication with automatic encryption and decryption
    • Simulation of server and client
    • Managing of certificates in the Security Manager
    • File based certificate import

  • Backend Communication on RT systems (VN89xx, VT60xx, RT Racks)

    • Requests to an OEM backend via User PC using a secured channel
    • Support in OEM security package is required

  • Support of authenticator signals up 64 bytes

Test Feature Set
Together with vTESTstudio 3.0 SP2:

  • Interface functions can now have input parameters of type message, node and network. For example, a CAPL function with an input parameter of type dbMsg can be called within the Test Table Editor.
  • The report now contains a hint, if the execution of a test case was aborted due to the setting [Break on Fail].
  • It’s possible to prevent aborting of a test case in case of verdict ‘error in test system’.

Option .LIN

  • LIN Interactive Scheduler

    • The LIN ISC now makes it easy to configure the Break-Field parameters of a LIN-Header and the NM Wake-Up parameters

Option .Ethernet

  • Support for Marvell-PHY Q2122 (1000BASE-T1)
  • Support of TLS
  • Add TLS support for Security Manager
  • Support of Ethernet Network Monitor in CANalyzer, too
  • General stability and functional improvements on the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • Showing SOME/IP Event groups in the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • Showing SOME/IP Instance ID of a Service in the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • The Ethernet Network Monitor can be configured for individual Ethernet channels
  • Support of protocol buffer language version 3 („proto3“) for FSA protocol
  • Improved visualization of Ethernet in the Symbol-Explorer
  • State Tracker window now supports signals represented by the SignalProtocol.DLL
  • Fix an issue with respect to VN8911 and VN8914 which may lead to that Ethernet frames are not shown completely in the Trace-Window if ETH1 channel has not been connected
  • CANoe/CANalyzer now checks if the installed Vector Ethernet network driver is up-to-date
  • Fix an issue which may prevent that the VN8910 interface is offered in the hardware configuration dialog
  • Fix an issue in the Component Configuration Dialog which shows all nodes even if a filter condition is present
  • Fix an issue in the Ethernet IG which may cause a transmission of cyclic frames even though they have been deleted during the measurement
  • Fix an issue that my cause a wrong visualization of the Ethernet checksum in the Trace-Window when using Windows10 and the build in Ethernet port


  • New configuration option to enable or disable the hardware based time triggered transmission for VN5610
  • Fix an issue which may delay the replay of audio streams using the RTP protocol
  • Fix and issue which may display only a fragment of the synchronization source in the Trace-Window column “Synchronization Source”
  • Fix an issue which may prevent the filtering of RTP and RTCP events in the IP Filter block
  • Stability improvement when using the GL Logger mode
  • Stability improvement when receiving two consecutive Follow-Up frames of an ECU with the same time information
  • General stability improvements


  • Support of SOME/IP transport protocol in the Trace window and in the simulation (size is limited to 64 kB)
  • Change the SOME/IP RPC request timeout from 300 ms to 30 s
  • Improved session counter handling at SOME/IP-SD
  • General stability improvements
  • Fix an issue with the assignment of signal names to Ethernet channels which may happen if one database is assigned to multiple Ethernet networks


  • Support of a “Simulated” property for Ethernet packets
  • Support of TLS

Option .AMD/XCP

  • System variables get the correct DAQ time stamp now
  • The CCP/XCP observer for the Trace Window works now when using a swap file for the data history
  • A host name can now be used for XCP on Ethernet
  • The setting for a connection delay on measurement start is now saved again
  • Min and max values of unsigned 32bit and 64bit parameters are taken over from the A2L file now
  • Fix for a problem with the deferred measurement stop

Option .Car2x
Support of VN4610 (release date for VN4610 network interface planned for September 2018)
CANoe/CANalyzer supports the new VN4610 network interface for 802.11p as far as the hardware is released.

  • CANoe/CANalyzer time basis can be configured to use GPS time of VN4610
  • GNSS parameters are available as system variables
  • Default channel settings can be easily configured in CANoe/CANalyzer Hardware setup
  • Communication parameters can be configured during runtime in CAPL
  • Transmission Power (TxPower) can be set during runtime
  • Trace Window shows addition information about Tx/Rx parameters like channel configuration, Tx/Rx power, datarate, ...

Scenario Editor/Manager

  • Already existing scenarios can now be moved to other locations and rotated to other directions. This can be done during runtime in CAPL based on real GPS data. Therefore scenarios can be started according to the current position.
  • Scenarios can be loaded, started and stopped in CAPL during runtime. Additionally there are callback functions available to indicate that the status of a scenario has changes. Therefore a new scenario can be loaded if the previous one is completed.
  • Position values are no longer saved country specific
  • Scenario Editor is now localized
  • Improved Online help


  • System Demos are providing example how to use GPS antenna positions. Implementation is done in CAPL module for easy reusing.


  • New functions to configure VN4610 (configuration parameters, sending behaviour,...)
  • Interaction Layer uses tx parameters of VN4610 for optional parameters in WAVE 1609.3 WSMP-N header for automatic configuration


  • Improved CAPL struct generation
  • Security can now be configured in OnPreTx function even if C2xCompletePacket was used before

Option .J1939

  • J1939 Compliance Tests (2015)

    • Table 7 is fully implemented.
    • Detailed and comprehensible test strategy makes analysis and understanding of test results much easier.
    • Improved stability.

  • J1939 Interaction Layer

    • New attributes CTSLatency, EoMALatency, AbortLatency and TPDTLatency for the function J1939IL_SetNodeProperty, which allow to manipulate time parameters of a CMDT communication.
    • Better support of requirements from J1939-82 (2015): TP.CM_BAMs with inconsistent contents are ignored.
    • Reworked J1939 Address Claiming sample configuration, which demonstrates how different address claim strategies can be realized with the J1939 interaction layer.

  • Data Window

    • Correct representation of signal values that are in the Not available range according to J1939-71.

Option .ISO11783

  • Tractor Implement Management (TIM)

    • ISO11783 interaction layer provides improved support for TIM.
    • ISO11783 sample database contains all latest changes to the TIM specification.
    • Sample configuration TIM Client and Server offers further possibilities for simulation, stimulation and fault injection.

  • Interactive Task Controller

    • Interactive Task Controller, ISO11783 interaction layer and TC interaction layer use the priorities recommended in ISO11783-10 (B.3) for the Process Data messages.
    • Improved representation and simplified editing of the states of individual sections (Section Control).

  • Virtual Terminal Window

    • Better interaction between the Virtual Terminal Window and VT interaction layer on activating and deactivating the Virtual Terminal Window.

  • Iso11783 / TC / VT Interaction Layer

    • New attributes CTSLatency, EoMALatency, AbortLatency and TPDTLatency for the functions ISO11783IL_SetNodeProperty, TCIL_SetNodeProperty and VTIL_SetNodeProperty, which allow to manipulate time parameters of a CMDT transmission.

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