DaVinci Developer 3.13.65 SP6

Categoria : Service Pack
Dimensioni : 173.70 MB
Hash MD5 : c75ec81ddc85c3ba228858f6842dd1ac

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.13.65 (SP6). For the operation a license of version 3.13 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4. AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.


This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4.
AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.

Tool features

  • AUTOSAR schema 4.3.1 is now supported
  • Support for the additional enum attribute 'SignalType' at the ISignal introduced with AUTOSAR 4.3
  • PR-Ports can now be used for ServicePorts at ServiceComponents
  • Port-Interface Mappings can now be specified for Application Data-Types
  • Design with Service Proxy Components is now supported
  • Support of new Vector Licenses in addition to FlexNet and Keyman Dongle
  • Display-Format attribute is now supported at the Compu-Method

Usability enhancements

  • Init value propagation from sender/receiver to connected ports is enhanced to support a recalculation of the init value if data type types are different
  • Consistency check for Trigger Interfaces has been enhanced to report unused and unconnected trigger elements
  • Consistency check for unsupported n:m connections now checks connections between service ports too
  • Compatibility checks have been enhanced for Application Datatype / Application Constant compatibility
  • The port selection dialog now shows the package of the port interfaces

Fixed issues

  • Connection select dialog showed Strict and Extended compatibility options which were no longer used
  • ARXML project update didn't handle the empty Components with keep
  • CreatePortFromSignal didn't handle dynamic size signals correctly
  • DataType and constant references were not written correctly for characteristic tables or com axis
  • Wrong DEST attribute was written for SW-COMPONENT-PROTOTYPE type references
  • DaVinci Configurator reported error RTE51017 "Missing port interface reference for P-Port prototype" if the input file contained elements which are already included in the DaVinci Developer workspace as external elements
  • Wrong bit position of the activation reason was saved when editing activation reasons
  • It wasn't possible to define PR-Ports as Client/Server or Calibration
  • Port-Interface-Mappings couldn't be distinguished when using different package paths
  • The type reference wasn't set correctly when creating a new complex data type
  • Port-Group list wasn't updated when renaming a port-group
  • It wasn't possible to create a new data type from the NV block descriptor page
  • Init values couldn't be set with multi select
  • ServiceNeed consistency check didn't consider the parameter active status
  • The Export option 'Export only Top-Level Composition' wasn't working. It worked like a regular export of the complete sub-structure
  • Consistency check #40246 reported textual and numeric init values as different if the compu-method defined Int to Phys instead of Phys to Int compu scales
  • Copy&Paste created the pasted element in the element's source package instead of the selected target package
  • Copy&Paste didn't copy the accesses at the atomic SWC
  • Variant signals were not displayed in the Data Mapping view if the ECU-Extract contained multiple ECU instances with identically named communication connectors
  • DVWspChecker didn't save the DCF workspace even if the command line parameter '-s' was specified
  • The active editor and focused GUI control changed unintentionally if multiple SWC editors were open, one of them showed the port prototype list and another editor was used to create or edit service needs
  • Substitute Missing Objects didn't work correctly for certain Port-Accesses if the SWC used queued data semantic on port interfaces
  • In some cases, DaVinci DEV created ARXML files with an AUTOSAR version which wasn't supported by an older DaVinci Configurator
  • End-to-End Protection Data IDs were duplicated if workspace was part of a DaVinci Configurator project and the input files contained End-to-End Protection descriptions
  • Derive of delegation ports was not correct with variant data mappings of atomic ports
  • When updating a project with a different SYSTEM name the DVImEx falsely changed the SYSTEM package and name which resulted in an invalid project state
  • References to Component Prototype of the EcuSwComposition couldn't be substituted on project update
  • The properties of TriggerInterfaces were not correctly displayed in the properties view
  • The Invoke Operations dialog couldn't be closed when a waiting only invoke operation access was used
  • Signal group dialog allowed editing the signal group name and group signal set
  • ARXML Import couldn't substitute unresolved references to an trigger interface
  • Data mapping consistency violations were not reported if the signal's length and the bit size of the mapped data type were not compatible and ISignal's data type policy wasn't specified
  • Record-Layout Consistency check #40463 falsely reported a missing 'CountAxisPtsX' if individual axes were of fixed size
  • Record-Layout Consistency check #40463 was shown only once even if there were multiple errors
  • DaVinci DEV crashed when trying to select a new color for the structure graphic grid via View/Graphic Settings/Grid Properties


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