DaVinci Developer 3.7.50 SP5

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.7.50 (SP5). For the operation a license of version 3.7 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. For the code generation the MICROSAR RTE 2.25  is required.


Detailed overview of compatible MICROSAR RTE versions:

For configuring the MICROSAR basic software modules you need a compatible version of the DaVinci Developer or DaVinci Configurator Pro.

You may download the required version or service pack from DaVinci Service Packs Download.


With a license of the latest tool version you may also run any older version. You don’t need a separate older license.

DaVinci Developer compatibility

MICROSAR 4, Release 16 ff. (DaVinci Developer 4.x)

MICROSAR 4, Release 5-20 (DaVinci Developer 3.x)

MICROSAR 3, Release 13-19

MICROSAR 3, Release 8-12

MICROSAR 3, Release 3-7

DaVinci Configurator compatibility



MICROSAR 3: use the latest version of DaVinci Configurator 4.2.x.


List of changes:

With Service Pack 5 (Update to 3.7 Build 50), the following changes become effective:

Usability enhancements

  • Multi-select and default settings usability enhancements for End-to-End Protection configuration
  • The available filter options from the Import dialog are now available via command line DVImEx
  • Structure graphics is now changeable even if the composition type is locked
  • Multi-select editing of Communication Specification values is now supported
  • A dedicated 'order index' column has been added for lists that have a relevant order in the ARXML schema

Fixed issues

  • Not all Asian characters could be used in description fields
  • Find unused object menu was sometimes disabled
  • Create Port-Prototypes function didn't create record data-types for signal groups
  • Developer crashed when importing an enumeration data type with physical and internal constraints
  • AUTOSAR 4: Signal-Port time out value was not imported
  • AUTOSAR 4: Not all Parameter-Accesses were exported for modelled calibration elements
  • An internal exception occurred on ARXML import if an existing component type had a different internal behavior name and a runnable with the same name
  • Importing an AUTOSAR 3 array without type-reference into an AUTOSAR 4 workspace created an invalid the data-type
  • Duplicate UUIDs occurred when creating a Multiple-ECU project from ECU Extracts containing UUIDs
  • The name of an imported argument prototype wasn't imported correctly
  • End-to-End protection data IDs were mixed up when opening an old workspace saved with DaVinci Developer 3.2
  • Unlocking a composition didn't allow moving its ports/component prototypes until the ECU-Project editor was reopened
  • Create port from signal didn't worked for multiple signals if the data mapping wasn't created in the same step


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