DaVinci Developer 3.5.32 SP2

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.5.32 (SP2). For the operation a license of version 3.5 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. For the code generation the MICROSAR RTE 2.23 is required.


Detailed overview of compatible MICROSAR RTE versions:

For configuring the MICROSAR basic software modules you need a compatible version of the DaVinci Developer or DaVinci Configurator Pro.

You may download the required version or service pack from DaVinci Service Packs Download.


With a license of the latest tool version you may also run any older version. You don’t need a separate older license.

DaVinci Developer compatibility

MICROSAR 4, Release 16 ff. (DaVinci Developer 4.x)

MICROSAR 4, Release 5-20 (DaVinci Developer 3.x)

MICROSAR 3, Release 13-19

MICROSAR 3, Release 8-12

MICROSAR 3, Release 3-7

DaVinci Configurator compatibility



MICROSAR 3: use the latest version of DaVinci Configurator 4.2.x.



List of changes:

Tool features

  • New Data Exchange Analysis view in the ECU-Project to get an overview of the resulting port data exchange, operation invocation or signal flow within the ECU.

Usability enhancements

  • Some AUTOSAR 4 specific basic data type checks have been implemented to ensure a valid base type, native declaration und unique naming.
  • Data type map consistency check message with ID 30050 has been improved by showing the concrete data type which has to be fixed.
  • The "Find Unsed Data Types" functionality has been improved to support all AUTOSAR 4 data type definitions.
  • In multiple configuration projects, delegation ports with the same name but different data types are now automatically postfixed with the identity name.

Fixed issues

  • After a new Project Assistant project has been created the corresponding workspace wasn't opened directly.
  • AUTOSAR 4 import of connections didn't work for empty component types.
  • Defined End-to-End connections to unconnected composition ports were lost during saving/loading a DCF workspace.
  • Renaming of objects like Mode Declaration Groups did not trigger all affected files to be updated in a DCF workspace.
  • An existing Compu Method Reference could not be removed in the dialog by selecting the "none" entry
  • Init values at Inter-Runnable variables were not checked correctly for data type compatibility
  • Timeout values with different units were reported as different although they were equal
  • Complex Device Driver were imported as a service component type if no service- or application-ports were defined
  • AUTOSAR 4 data constraints were not imported correctly if a compu-method specifies a compu-default-value
  • Some memory leaks during AUTOASAR 4 import have been solved, which caused a crash during load of the DCF workspace
  • Duplicated elements were imported if an element was defined in several files and contained sub-elements without a SHORT-NAME.
  • The NvMBlock length and RomBlock address was not adapted during ECU-C synchronization if the NvBlockDescriptor's NvBlockNeed length was greater than 0
  • Top-level connections derived from the data mapping were missing because the root composition in the ECU-Extract didn't contain connections
  • Data mapping of an array DataElement to a signal wasn't supported for AUTOSAR 4 application data types
  • Port prototypes, component prototypes and connections weren't deleted from the EcuSwComposition if the root composition type and/or package was renamed during updating the ECU-Extract
  • After an AUTOSAR 4 communication update obsolete signal groups were still mapped on a frame
  • Some communication elements were missing after opening a DCF workspace that contained PDU groups referencing other PDU groups
  • Internal exception thrown during AUTOSAR 4 import if the project contained a PDU with the same name as in the imported file, except for character case.
  • Message name in the data mapping view was missing if a signal was mapped on a PDU/Frame which contained signals mapped to several PDUs/Frames
  • Compilation of the generated Rte code failed because of missing Rte functions in multiple configuration projects using extracts of a Multiple-ECU project
  • Data IDs of different End-To-End connections were appended during update of a Multiple-ECU project
  • The Array constant definition was restricted to 512 elements in the GUI
  • The Rte generation showed an internal error about a missing COM signal if a signal was mapped standalone and as a group signal on different frames of the same cluster
  • Click on the "Copy" button didn't have any effect in the ECU Composition Port Prototype list view.
  • The "Adapt Connected Port Prototypes" functionality created invalid AUTOSAR 4 constant references
  • DaVinci DEV crashed when deleting a record element constant which contained duplicate elements


For AUTOSAR 4 design the following functionality is currently not available:

  • Create Port Prototype from data mapping based on a given signal
  • Adapt Data Type for Data Element based on a given signal



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