DaVinci Developer 3.11.16 SP1

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.11.16 (SP1). For the operation a license of version 3.11 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4. AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.

With Service Pack 1 (Update to 3.11 Build 16) the following changes become effective:


This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4.

AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.

Tool features

  • The official 'ServiceProvider' attribute is now supported to annotate the BSW Module origin
  • The pointer datatype DATA_REFERENCE is now fully supported
  • End-to-End protections without port references but with signal group references are now supported
  • 'Create Port Prototypes' functionality now supports the signal group degradation use case

Usability enhancements

  • Invalid generic attribute definition files are now displayed in the Action-Log during workspace loading
  • Additional check has been added to ensure that the compu-methods category of an implementation data-type is either BITFIELD_TEXTTABLE or TEXTTABLE
  • Additionally merged usability enhancements from service packs of previous releases:

    • The import option 'Substitute missing objects' is now active by default for new workspaces. The import defaults can be set via the workspace settings dialog.
    • Enhanced contract phase template generation dialog; automatically offers the Rte generator from the referenced SIP if available
    • Menu command to reset the toolbar and docking window layout has been added
    • Find results view now displays the parent element in a separate column
    • Multi-select and default settings usability enhancements for End-to-End Protection configuration
    • The available filter options from the import dialog are now available via command line DVImEx
    • Structure graphics is now changeable even if the composition type is locked
    • Multi-select editing of Communication Specification values is now supported
    • A dedicated 'order index' column has been added for lists that have a relevant order in the ARXML schema
    • Import options 'substitute missing objects' and 'check for differences' are now supported in the same import step
    • Enhancements in consistency checks for NV components
    • Import dialog now contains a simplified file/folder selection button
    • Additional consistency check to avoid data types referencing a data type with the same name

Fixed issues

  • The data-type-mapping-refs were cleared during update of the diagnostics data using the special import mode
  • When creating a server runnable from a nv-component the name of the server-runnable was created with the pattern 'port-prototype'_'operation_name' which could lead into name clashes
  • DaVinci DEV crashed without any error message if the direction of a port prototype was changed while a runnable data access existed
  • Additionally merged issues from service packs of previous releases:

    • Error 'XML parser error code 0x800C0006 in file .' was displayed when opening a DCF workspace with relative paths to a DPA file
    • Modifications in the recent import file list caused a workspace modification
    • ARXML import merge aborted when trying to merge an union data type.
    • Import with function 'check for differences' aborted if a new element had to be created but its package already exists
    • After creating a port from a signal using the 'Create Port Prototypes' function the port was not compatible to the signal if a physical constraint was specified
    • Data mapping of a complex element to a transformed signal causes inconsistencies in the data mapping view
    • Additionally merged issues from service packs of previous releases:
    • AUTOSAR 4 import of Group-Signals didn't update all signal references correctly which resulted in an illegal file split error in DaVinci Configurator Pro
    • AUTOSAR 4 import of a negative exponential value ignored the sign
    • Export option 'Create UUIDs' wrote identical UUIDs for all signal- and frame ports
    • Creating an OnTransitionTrigger from the runnable context menu didn't work
    • Not all Asian characters could be used in description fields
    • Find unused object menu was sometimes disabled
    • Create Port-Prototypes function didn't create record data-types for signal groups
    • Developer crashed when importing an enumeration data type with physical and internal constraints
    • AUTOSAR 4: Signal-Port time out value was not imported
    • AUTOSAR 4: Not all Parameter-Accesses were exported for modelled calibration elements
    • An internal exception occurred on ARXML import if an existing component type had a different internal behavior name and a runnable with the same name
    • Importing an AUTOSAR 3 array without type-reference into an AUTOSAR 4 workspace created an invalid the data-type
    • Duplicate UUIDs occurred when creating a Multiple-ECU project from ECU Extracts containing UUIDs
    • The name of an imported argument prototype wasn't imported correctly
    • End-to-End protection data IDs were mixed up when opening an old workspace saved with DaVinci Developer 3.2
    • Unlocking a composition didn't allow moving its ports/component prototypes until the ECU-Project editor was reopened
    • Create port from signal didn't worked for multiple signals if the data mapping wasn't created in the same step
    • Crash was fixed when leaving the NV Block descriptor page of a NV Component editor without having a Block Descriptor defined
    • NV component couldn't be configured in the local composition view
    • Inter-Runnable-Variable data type wasn't exported to DCF if their component type contained an Inter-Runnable-Variable with a unique data type which wasn't used in any other case
    • Blueprints couldn’t be exported to DCF
    • Crash fixed if context component for create port prototypes was selected as "none"
    • AUTOSAR4: init value of NV block description (ram or rom) couldn't be unset
    • AUTOSAR4: Substitute missing objects showed irrelevant unresolved references
    • The data type reference of a calibration element prototype wasn't set after import
    • Import of a DCF package accidently sets the workspace option "Load Service Components when opening the workspace" to a wrong value
    • Copying a runnable broke the data model and causes undesired wait points
    • Duplicating an Object copied the original UUID instead of creating a new one.
    • HTML links in descriptions didn't appear in the report
    • Data mapping view didn't display the correct direction of signals which were sent/received as single signal and as part of a signal-group


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