DaVinci Developer 2.3.99 SP5

Updates existing installations of version 2.3 to 2.3.99 (SP5). The service pack requires an existing installation of version 2.3 and is not suitable for older versions. An activated license of version 2.3 is also valid for the service pack. For an update no new license activation is needed.

With Service Pack 5 (Update to 2.3 Build 99), the following changes become effective:

Support of Mode Management:

  • Design of Mode Declaration Groups and Mode Port Prototypes
  • Runnable trigger on Mode Entry, Mode Exit, Mode Switch Acknowledge
  • Definition of Mode Disabling Dependencies for all runnable triggers

Further Port and Runnable Trigger Enhancements:

  • Support of data element invalidation
  • Support of Data Reception Error trigger in case of Rx Timeout

Tool Features:

  • Enhanced GUI and consistency checking for mode / trigger / port access definition
  • Automatic mapping of service ports according to naming conventions
  • Enhanced automatic data mapping for complex data types
  • New consistency check to report inter runnable variables using string data-types
  • Support for recursive connections (connection between ports of the same component) within an ECU SW-Composition.
  • Selective diagnostics import depending on PDM-ID attribute

XML Import/Export:

  • Support of AUTOSAR schema 3.0.2 with DCF import/export
  • Support of FlexRay ISO TP in AUTOSAR System-Description
  • Temporary workspace is no longer required for DCF import/export

Fixed Issues:

  • Data type was missing in DCF export if referenced by a port defined argument value
  • Unable to adapt the signal data type according to the data mapping if the init value was missing
  • Predefined data types were missing in initially created DCF workspace
  • ARXML import of cycle time causes a value overflow if the decimal precision exceeds 15 digits
  • Existing service mapping is no longer overwritten on importing an ECU-Extract
  • Incompatible Factor, Offset, Unit was not reported by data-mapping compatibility check
  • Closing the application is no longer possible while DCF saving is in progress

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