DaVinci Developer 2.3.140 SP7

Updates existing installations of version 2.3 to 2.3.140 (SP7). The service pack requires an existing installation of version 2.3 and is not suitable for older versions. An activated license of version 2.3 is also valid for the service pack. For an update no new license activation is needed. For code generation, MICROSAR RTE 2.12 is required.

With Service Pack 7 (Update to 2.3 Build 140), the following changes become effective:

DaVinci Difference Analyzer:

  • Display of semantic differences between AUTOSAR XML files
  • Supports System Description Files, SWC Description Files and ECU-C Files
  • Integrated into Windows Explorer context menu for files with extension .arxml
  • Integrated into DaVinci Developer: show differences before importing AUTOSAR XML files

DaVinci DCF Utility:

  • List the associated files of a DCF workspace
  • Show the differences between two DCF workspaces
  • Find missing files in DCF workspace
  • View the content of DCB files

Usability enhancements:

  • Task mapping: improved trigger view
  • Task Mapping: new view "Component View" to show the runnables per component
  • Service Mapping: new views "Service Component View" and "Application Component View"

Tool features:

  • Design support for automatic creation of service ports and server runnables.
  • Automatic synchronization of ECU-C file when opening and closing an external configurator.
  • Detailed report of changed ECU-C settings during synchronization of ECU-C file.
  • Unified display of consistency errors and RTE generation errors.
  • Definition of scalings for enumeration types.
  • Definition semantic limits for data element prototypes.
  • Configuration of "switch only" and "ack only" access of mode P-ports.

Fixed issues:

  • Wrong painting of property pages in runnable editor after resize.
  • Missing error message in case of invalid constants of complex data types.
  • Inter-Runnable-Variable Access-Mode was missing after ARXML import.
  • Misleading info message in case of missing INTERNAL-BEHAVIOR.
  • Sending the same signal on both FlexRay channels was falsely considered as signal Fan-Out.
  • Consistency check result for connected homopolar ports within service mapping was missing.
  • Missing reference on generic attribute table in DCF in case of adding attribute definitions without additional modifications.
  • System-Signal init value compatibility check reported wrong warning due to imprecise floating point calculation.
  • Frame-Node relations were not imported from ARXML for CAN and LIN Frames.
  • OS-Application property of tasks and description for ECU-Project got lost in DCF format.
  • Missing objects in AUTOSAR Export if started through multi-selection in Library Browser.
  • Problems occurred with DCF path definitions using slash '/'.
  • ECU-Project memory mapping view hasn't respected read-only attribute.
  • Incorrect update behavior of Port-Prototype dialog if a different Port-Interface was selected.
  • Ports are displayed overlapping when calling 'Arrange Ports | Align Packed'.
  • Ports were missing in port selection dialog because of filtering for non-strict compatible ports.
  • In the Properties views of port connectors, the source/destination data element prototypes were not sorted at all.
  • In the Properties views of port interfaces/prototypes, the data element prototypes were sorted in fixed descending order.
  • Moving a multi-selection of input and output ports hasn't worked in the graphic display.
  • Tx-/Rx- evaluation during ECU-C Synchronization was wrong if the same signal was mapped to multiple messages received by different ECUs.
  • Faulty error message about incompatible data element to signal mapping in case of record data types.
  • During DCF loading the file name of currently processed ARXML file was not displayed.
  • Creeping performance of code generation and ECU-C Synchronization due to wrong evaluation of task mapping references fixed.
  • Wrong update of complex constants during ARXML import fixed if structure of the complex data type has been modified.
  • Wrong display of IOHWAbstraction in Service Mapping tab fixed.
  • COM-Error code while loading DCF workspace with parameter group generic attributes fixed.
  • Wrong Task-Priority value during ECU-C Synchronization on Asian Windows fixed.
  • Further performance enhancement during ECU-C Synchronization and Rte generation.

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