DaVinci Developer 2.3.121 SP6

Updates existing installations of version 2.3 to 2.3.121 (SP6). The service pack requires an existing installation of version 2.3 and is not suitable for older versions. An activated license of version 2.3 is also valid for the service pack. For an update no new license activation is needed.

With Service Pack 6 (Update to 2.3 Build 121), the following changes become effective:

Tool Features:

  • Enhanced generator selection for ECU-Projects with support of RTE Generators in different versions
  • Additional option whether string data types will use a terminating NULL-byte
  • Support of open P-Ports
  • Support of signal fan-in use case in ECU Configuration
  • Enhanced auto-mapping rules for memory-mapping
  • Support of AUTOSAR component type "ECU Abstraction" for desinging IoHwAbstraction
  • Definition of communication specification at composition ports
  • Various GUI round-ups and enhanced consistency checking

XML Import/Export:

  • Enhanced workflows:
    - Special overwrite of port prototypes incl. communication specification during import
    - Component implementation merge dialog during import
    - Optional export of top-level structure only
    - User notification in case the ECU-C file has been modified by another tool
  • Enumeration constants are now stored with their numeric value as defined in AUTOSAR
  • Import of communication data (e.g. signals) is now case-insensitive, i.e. signal names cannot be different in character case only
  • Support of explicit rx/tx relation for FlexRay PDUs
  • Opaque value can now be stored with byte representation as defined in AUTOSAR specification
  • Enhanced sorting of elements within exported ARXML files

Fixed Issues:

  • Signal invalid values were not displayed as physical value
  • Some FlexRay cluster attributes were missing in AUTOSAR export
  • Invalid values for 32 bit opaque data types couldn't be defined
  • Generic attributes were missing at the Calibration Parameter when stored in DCF format
  • Crash in AUTOSAR import fixed if file contains a ModeDeclarationGroup without a valid reference to an initial mode
  • Error during AUTOSAR export if both export options 'Export user-defined attributes' and 'Create data types/constants for signals if required' are checked
  • Crash fixed when opening large amount (>70) of Component Type editors simultaneously
  • Wrong import of extended CAN identifiers fixed
  • Missing DCF update added to avoid that deleted objects re-appear after DCF loading
  • Wrong renaming if new name only differs in character case
  • Memory leak fixed when importing large amount of data
  • Application blocking of DaVinci / MICROSAR RTE fixed when working on the same workspace

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