CAN gets even better - Ways to transition from classic CAN to the improved CAN FD

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Robert Bosch introduced the new CAN protocol CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data rate) in March 2012. Key new features of this protocol are that it extends the useful data length from eight to 64 bytes and offers significantly higher data transmission rates. Based on its performance data, CAN FD is positioned between High Speed CAN (1 Mbit/s) and FlexRay (10 Mbit/s). It is ideal for filling the performance gap between these bus systems at low cost. This article explains, from the perspective of a tool supplier, what needs to be modified and the effects of such changes on CAN FD development and simulation. These modifications are made on various levels: from the hardware level to potential data ­formats and various communication layers.

Published in Elektronik automotive, issue 4/2013

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