Whistleblower System

Vector's business activities are always focused on compliance with applicable national and international laws. Another essential building block for our success are our values, which are incorporated into our principles of conduct. We have laid them down in our Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct sets out a minimum standard for our conduct in addition to existing legal and company regulations.

We encourage all employees, business partners and other third parties - anonymously if they wish - to report any information about a possible breach of our Code of Conduct, the law or company guidelines via our whistleblower system. Unless we are required by law to disclose, we will treat all reports of possible violations as confidential.

We encourage all whistleblowers to disclose any misconduct on your part even if misconduct is only suspected.

Procedure for Reporting a Breach

We guarantee whistleblowers the greatest possible protection. If contact is not desired by the whistleblower, or a whistleblower submits anonymously, it is even more important that the violation is described as well as possible.

If possible, describe

  • who is involved and who is affected,
  • what occurred,
  • when the incident occurred,
  • how many times the incident occurred
  • and where the incident occurred.


Hints can be submitted to our Compliance Office through the following channels:

  • Email: compliance@vector.de
  • Mail: Compliance Office, Holderäckerstraße 36, 70499 Stuttgart, Germany
  • Tel: 0049-711-80670-0 and ask for the Compliance Office
  • In person: please make an appointment with our Compliance Office
  • For employees, there is also a form on the intranet that can also be used to anonymously report an incident.

If your concern is a customer complaint about our products or services, please contact our support.