KnowledgeBase: Export of Log File Content to Microsoft Excel

To export data from logging files to spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel:

  1. Click Tools | Logging File Conversion in CANoe/CANalyzer Toolbar.
  2. Select the source and the destination file (with destination file format).
  3. After you hit the Extract button you will see which signal data is available in the source file.
  4. Select the signals you wish to export from the list at the bottom of the dialog.
  5. Under Advanced Settings you can select different format options.
  6. After you hit Save, the data will be written to the destination file which may now be used in your external application.

Please note:

To be able to export signal data you first need to define the signals in a CANoe/CANalyzer database and assign this database to your project. When e. g. *.csv is selected as destination file format, you can open this file in Microsoft Excel by selecting the file type CSV.