vMeasure CSM
Easy Acquisition and Evaluation of Measurement Data

Easy Acquisition and Evaluation of Measurement Data with vMeasure CSM

The vMeasure CSM measurement and analysis software is the ideal supplement to CAN- and EtherCAT-based measurement modules of CSM. With vMeasure CSM you have a convenient tool for configuring your measurement, synchronously acquiring physical values, and storing these values in MDF format. Recording of GPS and video data is also supported. vMeasure CSM saves video data in a separate AVI file. In so doing, synchronization with the measurement signals is retained, of course. Based on the measured signal values, virtual signals are calculated during the measurement and are available to you as additional measurement data.

You analyze the recorded measurement data easily in the same configuration as the measurement. The display of existing signal sequences, position data on the map, and video recordings is also synchronized. You use the printing and reporting function to document your measurement results quickly and efficiently.


  • Synchronous acquisition of measurement data of different sources
  • Convenient and fast creation of measurement configurations with CSM hardware
  • Concentration on the measurement task; detailed knowledge of the utilized technologies such as CAN or EtherCAT is not required
  • Support of hardware-based time synchronization of the CSM EtherCAT measurement modules with Vector bus interfaces
  • Measurements with sampling rates of up to 800 kHz per signal with the CSM analog measuring module ECAT ADMM 4 HS800Open and flexible platform based on use of standards


  • Intuitive configuration of the connected measurement hardware

  • Checking and documentation of the measurement configuration

  • Creation of measurement configurations without connected hardware (offline) possible

  • Import of a measurement scheme in CSV format

  • Convenient forwarding of measurement projects to colleagues

  • Simple creation of formulas for virtual signals via a graphic interface

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  • Start/Stop/Pausing of the measurement, either manually or via trigger conditions

  • Storage of measurement data in standardized ASAM MDF format

  • Numerous options for visualization of measurement values in real time: graphics window, table, bar graph, numerical display, map, video window, etc.

  • Insertion of comments during measurement

  • Stimulation of output signals via the CSM OUT MiniModule

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  • Signal display as a function of time or in an XY graph

  • Manual analysis of signal sequences using zoom function, search function and measurement cursor

  • Insertion of comments for the offline analysis

  • Export of sequences from measurement data with synchronous video cut

  • Data export to ASCII and Excel

  • Print function and PDF export with customizable templates

  • Insertion of individual visualizations or entire display pages in Word and PowerPoint using drag & drop

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Supported Measurement Hardware

  • Analog CAN-based measurement modules and high-voltage measurement modules from CSM
  • EtherCAT-based measurement modules from CSM
  • Exhaust gas measurement modules from ECM (LambdaCANc, NOxCANx)
  • USB-based GPS devices
  • Video cameras with DirectShow interface
  • Analog and digital I/Os of the Vector bus interfaces

Supported Interfaces

  • All Vector CAN bus interfaces
  • CSMcan bus interface
  • Ethernet PC interface

Product Descriptions

Fact Sheet:

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Component Recommended Minimum
Processor Intel Core i5
3.0 GHz or higher
Intel Core 2 Duo
2.6 GHz
Memory (RAM) 4 GB 2 GB (32-bit) or 4 GB (64-bit)
Hard drive capacity ≥ 250 MB (depending on required operating system components)
Screen Resolution 1280 x 1024 1024 x 768
Graphics Card DirectX 9.0c or higher
Operating System Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (Vista only 32-bit)
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