A Very Easy Way to Work with Calibration Data!

Managing Parameter Sets Easily and Traceably with vCDMstudio

vCDMstudio is an efficient tool for editing parameter set files. It is easily used to display, compare and edit parameters created in ECU calibration. When solving complex tasks, filters are used to reduce the number of parameters shown on the screen. In addition to calibrating parameter values you can take values from different files and merge them to create new version levels.

Along with parameter values, you can also easily edit calibration data evaluations. vCDMstudio saves them with the history of the maturity level in CDF20 or PaCo files.


  • Easily copy and merge parameter set files, both interactively and by batch operations
  • Highly flexible and protects your investment, because all commonly use dats formats are supported, including CDF 2.0, DCM, Intel hex, Motorola-S, PAR and PaCo
  • Simultaneous comparison of multiple parameter set files gives user an overview of the different parameterization variants
  • Saving of parameter set files as M script or code files (in C or hex format) enables easy export of parameter values to other important tools in the development process
  • Quickly generate various reports, including MS Excel format
  • Execute batch operations, such as making changes to values, calibration status information
  • Scalable solution: vCDMstudio is a single workstation solution, but it is also available in other tools – in both CANape and vCDM, which is a database-supported platform for calibration teams

Application Area

The primary application area of vCDMstudio is to efficiently manage ECU parameterizations on the file level. Primary users are calibration engineers and project leaders. In using vCDMstudio, you retain an overview of your work packages, reliably track parameter changes and manage data levels responsibly. Since all relevant file formats of the automotive industry are supported, it does not matter which measurement and calibration tool is used to generate the parameter files.

Highlights Version 16.0

Support for the new features in version 1.7.0 of the ASAM MCD-2 MC (ASAP2/A2L) specification

  • Parameters of the new BLOB object type can be copied and compared in vCDMstudio (changes are not possible). This facilitates management of unstructured data blocks. BLOBs are saved as well as loaded in parameter files of type CDF21.
  • The transformer concept allows you to convert complex internal data structures into physical values (by calling an external DLL). The transformation is initiated in the user interface of vCDMstudio. There is currently no support for the ON_CHANGE trigger mode and for 64-bit transformation libraries.

Support for the new version of ASAM AE CDF (Calibration Data Format)
ASAM-CDF version 2.1.0 allows you to load and save values of the BLOB parameter. To generate and save a CDFX file, specify the version to be used in vCDMstudio. If the file content is not supported by the given version, the version will be updated.

Support for parameter types CUBOID, CUBE_4 and CUBE_5 according to the ASAM MCD-2 MC (ASAP2/A2L) specification
Parameters of these data types are displayed numerically in a convenient tabular form. They can be directly changed, compared and copied.

Optimized parameter filter
A new filter displays all the parameters contained in the active parameter set as well as in all loaded parameter sets.
The creation of filters based on LAB files was simplified. Filtering now also includes information from the sections [FUNCTION] and [GROUP]. Rule-based filters access this information.

Improved support for ASCII parameters
It is no longer necessary to load the A2L file to change ASCII parameters.

Flexible column width for a clearly arranged list view
The column width can now be changed for all columns at the same time by holding down the CTRL key. Just set the column width for the active parameter set by double clicking the column heading.

Extended HTML report
vCDMstudio has a new display mode for quick comparison of parameter sets. The parameter value is shown along with the comparison result. All the values are listed in a column/section. Identical values are shown only once, and unequal values are highlighted.

New vCDMstudio apps for improved display of calibration data
vCDMstudio includes an app for displaying loaded calibration data in a useful form. Version 16.0 contains 3 sample apps:

  • The "Function Inhibition Editor" (FIM app) is for setting function shut-offs for OBD events. The editor provides a clear representation in the form of a two-dimensional matrix (event x function).
  • The "Map Optimization App" creates characteristic maps from its measurement file. You choose one signal for the axes and one for the value of the function. The characteristic map can then be optimized by means of various functions (e.g. smoothing).
  • The "Calibration Data Migration Assistant" (CDMA app) is for defining copying rules and settings for calibration data. In software switches (from one A2L to another) these rules are used for quick and reliable data migration.

For information on developing your own apps, watch this video (YouTube).


  • Load, visualize and edit parameter sets from symbolic, address-independent parameter set files or from binary files
  • Configure and execute various editing steps easily via an automation interface
  • Simultaneous loading of multiple parameter set files from your calibration process
  • User-friendly interface for displaying and editing parameter set files
  • Graphic representation of characteristic curves and maps to efficiently compare differences
  • Clever filter mechanisms for defining individual views of parameter sets give users a better comprehensive view
  • Export and import configurations

Product Description

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Product Information:

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A Very Easy Way to Work with Calibration Data!

CDM Studio is the powerful entry-level solution for efficient calibration data management. The webinar will familiarize you with the possibilities for processing and displaying parameter sets and hex files. During the short 51-minute recording that features many practical examples, you will learn how to use CDM Studio to compare parameter sets and to combine them into new datasets. The large number of supported formats allows you to easily return the datasets back to development. You will be given an overview of the different possibilities, such as filters, graphic and numeric display of parameters, evaluation of calibration statuses, and report functionality. In addition, a distinction will be drawn between CDM Studio and vCDM, the enterprise data management solution.

Target groups: Calibration engineers, users of ETAS INCA, dataset managers, tool developers


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  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (Vista only 32-bit)
  • PC with at least 2.8 GHz, 2 GByte RAM and graphics card with at least 128 MByte RAM
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Trainer in front of a training class

The remote training vCDMstudio is an online training for experienced users. In four sessions of 2 hours each you will learn everything about:

  • Optimal changeover from an existing to a new software
  • Automation of the vCDMstudio
  • Management of diagnostic parameters via the Function Inhibition Matrix
  • Managing parameter sets with the vCDM option