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Case Study

Efficient Runtime Measurement for ECUs With the Hardware VX1000 and TA Tool Suite

How to avoid runtime problems with an optimal analysis workflow.

The Challenge

The basis for the selection of a suitable microcontroller are mostly calculations and simulations. To keep costs as low as possible, hardware resources are often kept to a minimum. With increasing project maturity and the integration of further software functions, the CPU load, which is still sufficient in the beginning, increases sharply. The result can be runtime problems, requiring a significant amount of time and money to solve. However, without knowledge of the system behavior, a well-founded root cause analysis is rarely possible.

The Solution

The TA Tool Suite software in combination with the VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware analyzes the internal runtime and external bus behavior of an ECU time-synchronously. The VX1000 hardware supports both emulation devices with the broadband data trace interface as well as the production devices of various microcontroller manufacturers via the debug interface. The new MultiBuffer OLDA measurement method is ideal for fast data capture. This is optimized for DAQ events in a time frame of less than one millisecond. It buffers the values and then transfers them to the measuring tool. The VX1000 accesses the data using a Plug-on Device (POD) via the available Debug/Trace interface. The scheduling trace is recorded with the measurement and calibration software CANape and then saved in the ASAM exchange format MDF.With the option TA.Inspection of the TA Tool Suite, the user can perform a detailed runtime analysis of the imported trace and therefore gets information about CPU load, task interrupts and response times. A clear Gantt chart as well as a histogram enable simple and fast analysis and thus a deep understanding of even complex scenarios. In addition, an associated AUTOSAR project can be imported to analyze the CPU load based on the software components.

Ideal analysis workflow: VX1000 hardware with the option TA.Inspection of the TA Tool Suite.

The Advantages

The efficient complete solution consisting of hardware and software is optimally adjusted to each other and is also continuously enhanced with additional features.

  • Easy creation of customized evaluation reports
  • Automation of all work steps through integration in a Continuous Integration/Delivery pipeline
  • Deployment both in the laboratory and during in-vehicle test drives
  • Automotive-qualified hardware: can be attached to the ECU in a vibration-proof, water- and dust-proof manner
  • Use of the standardized ASAM interface XCP on Etherne

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