TA Tool Suite
Managing the Runtime Behavior of ECUs in All Development Stages

TA Tool Suite -
Accessing the Full Power of AUTOSAR ECUs

TA Tool Suite is used in the phases integration and verification of the ECU software development process.

TA Tool Suite is a user-friendly software for the design, simulation and verification of embedded multi-core real-time systems. It covers the non-functional requirement “timing” across the complete development cycle as a unified solution. The tool enables a deep analysis of the timing behavior. Furthermore, TA Tool Suite simplifies the distribution of application software on different cores in multi-core ECUs. This increases the efficiency and reactivity of embedded real-time systems.

With TA Tool Suite, project managers, software architects, developers and integrators make full use of the ECU's computation resources.

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Trial Version

With a free trial version you can learn all the advantages of TA Tool Suite for your specific use case. You will also benefit from a detailed instruction by our experts.


  • Supports migration from single-core software architectures to multi-core or many-core platforms
  • Increases system understanding by graphical visualization of software dependencies
  • Evaluates system utilization and enables hardware dimensioning forecasts
  • Simulates different alternatives of ECU system designs at early development stages
  • Shows alternatives for application software integration with regard to real-time and performance properties
  • Visualizes and analyzes target traces for verifying timing properties
  • Imports AUTOSAR and AMALTHEA system descriptions and hardware traces

Highlights of Version 20.3

  • Consideration of the COM stack behavior in TA.Simulation for Classic MICROSAR and user-defined runtime data
  • Extension of the AUTOSAR import for COM stack modules
  • Analysis of the CPU load influences of Basic Software Modules
  • Optimized import of DaVinci project files and simulation of client/server communication

Options for
TA Tool Suite

Dedicated Software Products for Every Step of the Project Lifecycle

The modular TA Tool Suite provides a dedicated software product for each step of the software project lifecycle. This includes specification of timing requirements, analysis and optimization of software architecture design as well as verification of the target system behavior.

The base module includes a project explorer and a browser for timing model elements. It enables data import/export and specifications of timing requirements.

The following options extend the base module of TA Tool Suite:

Screenshot option TA.Design


Definition of timing requirements of the application software for complex and highly integrated multi-functional software systems by interactive dynamic visualization.

Screenshot option TA.Simulation


Model-based simulation of ECU timing behavior and sophisticated graphical and table based evaluations of timing metrics for analyzing system behavior in different levels of detail.

Screenshot option TA.Inspection


Verification of the timing behavior of application software and of the operating system. This enables third-party trace measurements that have already been recorded to be analyzed in terms of response times, utilization, and other metrics.

Special Functions

Several Enhancements Support Individual Project Conditions.

Import/Export Interfaces

TA Tool Suite provides interfaces to the common exchange formats. The options TA.Design and TA.Simulation use the system descriptions AUTOSAR and AMALTHEA as data sources. TA.Inspection bases its analysis on trace log measurements from various debugger and profiling providers.

Information Resource File Format
System description AUTOSAR ≥V4.0.3, ASAM MDX, AMALTHEA, CSV
Trace log measurements
iSYSTEM, Lauterbach, PLS, BTF ≥V1.0, OT1 ≥V0.2


Models for Operating Systems

Models for operating systems improve the accuracy of the option TA.Simulation by replicating the dynamic scheduler behavior of the corresponding operating system implementations.

Currently supported are MICROSAR.OS, Tresos AutoCore and Tresos Safety OS.

Workflow Editor

The Workflow Editor is a graphical solution for the description of automated processes within TA Tool Suite and leads to considerable time saving. For example, it summarizes the information from various system descriptions. This allows previously unused data sources to be accessed easily and conveniently. Routine tasks such as creating timing models, starting simulations, trace verifications and creating reports can thus be easily defined and executed.

A direct interface to DaVinci Configurator Pro is also available.

Recent Case Studies

Automatic Timing Simulation and Execution Time Measurement with AUTOSAR

The timing analysis and scheduling simulation of AUTOSAR ECU software is often associated with high modeling effort.

The solution: The TA Workflow is an automation environment within the TA Tool Suite with interfaces to DaVinci Configurator Pro and the winIDEA Profiler from iSYSTEM.

Go to Case Study (PDF)


Lauterbach and Vector Introduce Solution for Timing Analysis of AUTOSAR Systems

Lauterbach, the leading supplier of debug tools and Vector collaborate to provide accurate timing data for embedded AUTOSAR systems. The solution is based on the AUTOSAR Classic basic software MICROSAR and runs on TriCore™ AURIX™ processors from Infineon. Option TA.Inspection as part of TA Tool Suite from Vector is used to import TRACE32 trace measurements to analyze them in terms of response times, utilization, and other metrics.

Read All About the Joint Solution (PDF)

Webinar Recordings

Efficient Run-Time Analysis of AUTOSAR Classic Projects with OS and RTE Tracing

This webinar recording shows how the dynamic behavior of the software architecture can be measured at run-time with no or only minimum overhead and evaluated off the target ECU. Many multi-core features and techniques to utilize ECUs result in intervening into the scheduling behavior. With ongoing ECU project development, multiple software vendors as well as a considerable amount of configuration parameters to play with, the effects of those after integration at run-time become hardly foreseeable. An optimal solution is to trace the OS and RTE behavior with the trace debugger from iSYSTEM and evaluate the trace measurement afterwards offline with TA Tool Suite from Vector.

OS and RTE Tracing for MICROSAR with Lauterbach

Lauterbach and Vector have developed a joint solution that allows to record trace information about the timing behavior of tasks, interrupts and runnables for MICROSAR and to analyze it with TA.Inspection. This video shows the different steps needed to work efficiently with this solution.

Product Descriptions

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Component Recommended Minimum
Memory (RAM)1
8 GB,
16 GB for large projects
4 GB
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 1600 x 900
Operating System Windows 10 (64 Bit) Windows 7 (64 Bit)


1 For improved RAM configuration of your system please visit the Vector KnowledgeBase.

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