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High Value-Added Services to Accelerate the Success of Your Analytics Strategy

Getting Started

Easy and Successful Implementation of Your Analytics Process

Built up from years of experience in assisting our customers, our “Kick-Start” Package consists in a 3-5 days full technical and methodological support, including:

  • Assistance in evaluating exemplary software projects with Squore

  • Integrate your data and activate plugins with the existing tools already in use in your software development process
  • Connect your users
  • Discover your dashboards
  • Exploit the results from your project samples
  • Automate your analyzes via continuous integration
  • A 1 day on-site training session for up to 10 users
  • Premium support: hotline, tutorials, assistance via live video conference with our senior consultants

Continuous Integration

Integration of Squore in your CI Environment

Thanks to its command line interface client, Squore integrates perfectly in your continuous integration environment.

Whether you are using Jenkins or GitLab, you can trigger analyses of your projects on the Squore server or on another machine on your network via simple commands.

The updated results of your project assessments are available in the Squore web interface as soon as users start their workday, and can even be published on your project’s wiki page if you are running Atlassian Confluence internally.

Our consultants will help you with integrating Squore in your CI environment… or even help your getting started with continuous integration.


Performed by our Senior Consultants experts in Squore and Software Quality, the following trainings  will allow all Squore users to become fully autonomous in the configuration and use of our solution.

Duration is between 1 to 3 days depending on the topic and on your specific requirements.


Squore Technical Integration

  • Configure Squore

Becoming a Squore Configuration expert, you will be able to respond in a simple and efficient way to the changing needs of your company, and to the expectations of your development teams and their management. This training will teach you how to master the key concepts of:

  • Configuring dashboards for your Key Performance Indicators
  • Modifying Analysis Models
  • Designing dedicated dashboards for various user roles
  • Administrate Squore

Understand the Squore architecture; be able to administer the application and its components.

  •  Integrate a new Squore data provider plugin

Be fully autonomous in the seamless importation of new types of data from external tool, in order to complete and develop your Squore solution.


Squore Best Use

Dedicated to software teams, from developers to quality and project managers, our training sessions will help key users make the best use of Squore and accelerate the success of their software projects.

  • Get started with Squore
  • Optimize your project management with Squore
  • Automate your code review with Squore


Principles About Software Quality and Project Monitoring

  • How to Specify relevant Key Performance Indicators
  • Introduction to the concepts of software products quality
  • How to define a software quality evaluation model
  • Introduction to international software standards

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