PREEvision – DBC, LFD, FIBEX and Ethernet Communication

PREEvision is part of the Vector AUTOSAR tool chain.

PREEvision supports the AUTOSAR compliant communication design of all data elements transferred over the bus, regardless of whether via CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay or Ethernet.


  • Support for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet
  • System signal/data mapping of data elements to system signals
  • Automatic creation of signals, data mappings and signal routes
  • Numerous routing options and delta state routing
  • Support for the standard formats LDF, DBC and FIBEX
  • Support for J1939, including ISO 11783 (ISOBUS)
  • Integration with other Vector tools

The Use Case

All physical signals on the network are defined on the communication layer. For this purpose, PREEvision supports CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet bus systems, which can also be modeled in mixed topologies in the main network diagram.

PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication Design Workflow
Communication Design Workflow

On the communication layer, the signals, PDUs, frames and schedules are specified. Table editors and automations such as the signal router are available for this purpose. For service-oriented architectures, PREEvision supports Ethernet as the bus technology.

Functions / Features

Signal Mapping

The communication of data elements over a bus is represented in AUTOSAR by the system signal. In order to trace the alignment of these two elements, it is necessary to define a mapping link from the data element (software layer) to a system signal (communication layer). This is called data mapping in AUTOSAR.

Signal Router

AUTOSAR Communication Design Signal Router
In the main network diagram, the signal paths defined by the signal router can be highlighted.

Another important aspect in this phase of the system description is the definition of routes of individual system signals. The signal router supports the completion of the communication matrix.

It calculates the best route for the signals with the data elements to be transferred. Many communication artifacts are generated automatically by the signal router. In addition to many routing options and routing via delta states, all routed signals can also be displayed graphically in networking diagrams.

CAN, CAN FD, LIN and FlexRay

PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication - CAN/CAN-FD Design
PDU layout and frame layout for CAN and CAN FD communication.

In order to transmit system signals over the bus, additional details must be defined. Each bus segment is configured dependent on its technology here.

One component of this configuration is the PDU layout and frame layout. In this phase, signals are assigned to PDUs, which are in turn assigned to frames.

Other communication attributes are also specified, such as the data type, send mode, initial value, scheduling, network management, transport protocol etc. A special editor is available for creating and editing frames, PDUs and signals. Protocol-specific editors for CAN, CAN FD, LIN and FlexRay are also available. For integration with additional tools, PREEvision supports the LDF, DBC and FIBEX formats in addition to AUTOSAR.

Partial Networking

With partial networking, parts of architectures can switch off temporarily to conserve available resources. For this purpose, clusters that can switch off and on and be monitored via control and status ports are defined in PREEvision.


PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication - Service and Ethernet Design
Service and communication design for Ethernet in PREEvision.

Ethernet is being adopted as a bus technology in vehicles. PREEvision supports AUTOSAR compliant service and communication design for Ethernet communication in vehicles. The signal router can define VLANs and also calculate the communication path for defined VLANs.


PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication - J1939/ISOBUS Design
Communication design for commercial vehicles and agricultural machines.

PREEvision also supports CAN network protocol SAE J1939 for commercial vehicles, including ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) for agricultural machines.

ISOBUS enables uniform and easy control of different add-on equipment from the cab of the tractor. The expanded CAN multiplexing required here is supported.

AUTOSAR Toolchain

PREEvision is a part of the Vector AUTOSAR tool chain and supports the Adaptive system and application design including deployments. PREEvision works with CANoe, DaVinci Developer and DaVinci Configurator Pro.

PREEvision AUTOSAR Toolchain
Vector tools and exchange formats for AUTOSAR compliant software and communication design.


Technical Articles

PREEvision UML-Ethernet

Service-Oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles

Towards data centers on wheels with model-based methods

The development tool PREEvision supports the methodical, consistent design of a service-oriented architecture. PREEvision accompanies system designers through the challenging task of combining classic embedded design with modern service orientation and the necessary back-end communication via Ethernet – and thereby supports the transformation of the automobile into a data center on wheels.

Translation of a German-language publication "Elektronik automotive", special "Ethernet" 2017

Why consistent implementation of the AUTOSAR system view is worth it

Eye On the Whole System

Why consistent implementation of the AUTOSAR system view is worth it

Started thirteen years ago, the AUTOSAR standards enables efficient electric/electronic development today. Besides continuous additions in recent years, the systems thinking remains a mainstay of the standard. Rather than focusing on the individual ECU or on a communication bus, AUTOSAR always looks at the whole system. This system view is playing a more and more important role in the digitization of the automotive industry and, together with the “Adaptive Platform”, is paving the way for the next generation of vehicle electronic systems.

Translation of a German-language publication "Elektronik automotive", issue 10/2016

Webinar Recording

PREEvision – J1939 Communication Design

In this webinar one gets to know, how PREEvision supports the CAN network protocol SAE J1939 for commercial vehicles, including ISO 11783 (ISOBUS) for agricultural machines. ISOBUS enables uniform and easy control of different add-on equipment from the cab of the tractor. Expanded CAN multiplexing is supported.


CAN (FD), LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet Communication

Get to know how PREEvision supports the different communication technologies as well as the exchange formats AUTOSAR, DBC, LDF and FIBEX used in the automotive industry.  The PREEvision brochure portrays the complete E/E engineering solution and its comprehensive functions.


Model-Based E/E Development with PREEvision

From Architecture Design to Series Production

PREEvision offers a comprehensive modeling language to describe all aspects of e/e systems. All engineers involved in the development process find tailored diagrams and editors for their work. And all in one integrated tool. Communication designers define how software components exchange data across networks within the vehicle, for example. PREEvision supports all relevant network technologies including CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet.

Playing time 4:00 minutes, published 3/2018

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