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Model-Based E/E Engineering

The E/E Engineering Solution

Electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity inside and outside the vehicle: The onboard electronic network has become the brain of today’s cars.

The ever-increasing sharing of data within vehicles and to systems outside of the vehicle raises the complexity and makes the development of electric and electronic systems in vehicles, the so-called E/E development, more and more challenging.

PREEvision is a model-based development environment, that faces these challenges, and supports the entire E/E development – from architecture design all the way through to the final wiring harness.


  • Design, management and documentation of complete E/E systems in one tool
  • Integrated traceability
  • Graphical modeling in diagrams
  • Full support of AUTOSAR methodology
  • Design of safety-relevant systems acc. to ISO 26262
  • Variant management and product line engineering
  • Complete development from architecture to wiring harness based on one source

Application Areas

PREEvision Graphic User Interface

Model-Driven E/E System Development

PREEvision is the premier tool for model-based development of distributed, embedded systems in the automotive industry and related fields. This engineering environment supports the entire technical development process in a single integrated application.

It offers comprehensive functions for both classic and service-oriented architecture development and all aspects of an E/E system including requirements engineering, AUTOSAR system, software and communication design as well as wiring harness development. The integrated and model-based approach helps complex tasks to remain straightforward and controllable.

PREEvision supports the tried-and-tested system engineering principles of abstraction, decomposition and reuse and can serve as engineering backbone: it enables parallel work on a common database from multiple locations.

PREEvision Use Cases

PREEvision|E/E System Architecture Design
PREEvision|Product Lines and Variant Management
PREEvision|Integrated Requirements Engineering
PREEvision|AUTOSAR System and Software Design
PREEvision|AUTOSAR Communication Design
PREEvision|AUTOSAR Adaptive System Design
PREEvision|Automotive Ethernet Design and SOA
PREEvision|Model-Based Wiring Harness Design

PREEvision Process and Team Support

PREEvision|ISO 26262 and Functional Safety
PREEvision|Test Engineering and Test Management
PREEvision|Collaboration Platform
PREEvision|Project, Change and Release Support

Highlights Version 10.0

New Features and Most Important Changes

  • Signal-Driven Communication Design
    You can now develop a communication design by simply defining transmit or receive relations between signals and ECUs or NM nodes. The signal router and further synthesis functions help to complete the design. A software or logical design to motivate the communication is not needed.
  • Service-to-Signal Mapping
    The modeling of combined systems with software components using AUTOSAR Adaptive and AUTOSAR Classic is further enhanced. The service-to-signal mapping bridges the communication based on service interfaces in AUTOSAR Adaptive and the signal-based communication on the Classic platform.
  • Diagnostics
    PREEvision offers a new modeling layer for diagnostic data. Here, the objects for diagnostic specifications can be defined including diagnostic identifiers (DIDs), I/O controls, routines, etc.
  • System Monitoring
    You can now determine the state of the PREEvision system at any time. The complete infrastructure from client through network to server and database is continuously monitored.


Layer Model

How to Design Entire Automotive E/E Systems

Infographic of the PREEvision abstraction layers

PREEvision's data model with dedicated abstraction layers

The PREEvision E/E data model is the foundation for a consistent model-based method of working from the requirements engineering to all the implementation steps. All the aspects of an automotive E/E architecture are modeled in an integrated approach. From the requirements and the architecture design all the way through to the final wiring harness.

In adopting this approach, PREEvision follows the three proven systems engineering principles of abstraction, decomposition and reuse and supports the modeling of product lines and product variants with various model layers.

Additionally PREEvision provides an integrated process and team support including test engineering and management, support for functional safety as well as tools to manage changes, defects and releases.


PREEvision Poster

E/E engineering always in sight

The infographic to get an overview of PREEvision's comprehensive data model and dedicated abstraction layers.


Products and Product Options

PREEvision Product Options

With PREEvision products, you can compose the optimum configuration for your use cases:

PREEvision Architect supports all modeling layers for product lines; PREEvision Function Designer and PREEvision Electric Designer support subareas.

The Collaboration Platform is the add-on for team operation. The Server API allows the development of web applications.

PREEvision Architect

PREEvision Architect provides the integrated scope of functions for designing an E/E architecture, ranging from requirements management, logical architecture, AUTOSAR system design, software and hardware architecture, to wiring harness and vehicle geometry. Model evaluation, optimization and documentation round-out the design process. Also, development to series production readiness is supported in the following areas: consistent description of requirements, specification of functions, components, networks, and definition and maintenance of logical and physical interfaces. Development support for the design of safety-related systems according to ISO 26262 as well as test engineering and test management are also included.

PREEvision Function Designer

PREEvision Function Designer fully supports the AUTOSAR system design process alongside the description of requirements, design of logical functions, software and hardware components, network architecture and communication design. Development support for the design of safety-related systems according to ISO 26262 as well as test engineering and test management are also included.

PREEvision Electric Designer

PREEvision Electric Designer supports requirements management, hardware architecture design, circuit diagrams, wiring harness design, and vehicle geometry. Development support for the design of safety-related systems according to ISO 26262 as well as test engineering and test management are also included.

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PREEvision Collaboration Platform

The server-based Collaboration Platform enables team operation of PREEvision and includes product and release management as well as change and configuration management.

PREEvision Server API

The Server API enables the development of web applications to edit and visualize model contents. The REST API allows read and write access to artifacts including their life cycle state, rich texts, files, diagrams and metrics.

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Product Descriptions

The PREEvision brochure is available right away as download or printed edition!


PREEvision Brochure

E/E engineering in your hands

The compact way to get to know our E/E engineering solution PREEvision and its comprehensive functions.

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Let’s Talk About PREEvision!

Join two days of exchange of ideas, networking, discussion, and feedback: The PREEvision UserDay is the annual Vector event for the global PREEvision user community. It is all about state-of-the-art model-based E/E engineering. All users and licensees are cordially invited to participate in the event and the accompanying workshops!


PREEvision Workshops and Training

PREEvision Workshops

PREEvision supports the specification, design and optimization of all components of distributed electronic vehicle systems. Our workshops first teach you about the underlying mechanisms and concepts of PREEvision. Vector offers workshops with focus on either function development or hardware design.

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