CANoe4SW 15 - All New Features

... for all who want to know exactly

General Focus Areas / Features


  • Signal generators now directly support Distributed Objects, no mapping by system variables necessary any more
  • The new Application Panel allows interactive stimulation of application layer objects, e.g. call a method of a SW SUT
  • XIL API support as standard for coupling with 3rd-party tools, based on system variables
    • Model Viewer for fast access to models described with MATLAB/Simulink
    • DO Support for code generation from Simulink models

  • C Library 2.0 with support for the platforms Windows_x64 and Linux_x64 and compiler  support for Mingw-w64
  • Panel Designer:
    • The new grouping within the toolbox gives you a clear selection of controls
    • With the Event Control you can now also receive events
    • In the Hex/Text Editor the byte display, i.e. the hex value can now be copied and pasted

  • Vector Tools Environment: For even more intuitive operation, files can now also be opened by drag&drop them onto the Vector Tools Environment
  • Python can be used to program application models with DOs (Distributed Objects)
  • To improve the clarity, bindings can be deactivated via a ribbon button


Software in the Loop by SIL Adapter:

  • In addition to C++, Python is now supported as programming language for the software under test
  • RPC-like functionality to call SUT functions directly from CANoe and vice versa


Connectivity (CFS/IoT):

  • Support of new CANoe4SW hardware VH4110 (IoT Enabler) for OTA (Over-the-Air) protocols (WLAN, Bluetooth, …)
  • CANoe4SW internal MQTT broker for testing IoT devices without an external broker
  • Binary serialization of MQTT via Google Protocol Buffers (GPB) as alternative to JSON

Test Feature Set

Together with vTESTstudio 6:

  • Extended suppot of DOs (Distributed Objects) within test commands in the Test Table Editor and Diagram Editors, e.g. support of waveform command
  • Test Table Editor: Support of Background Checks within loops (For, For Each, While)
  • New element ‘Composite State’ enables the comfortable description of sub states for complex state diagrams
  • .NET framework 4.7 can be selected as target framework, e.g. for the usage of external libraries
  • CANoe Execution Adapter and export of execution plans in vTESTstudio now support the selection of variant properties for test units


Test Report Viewer:

  • Test Cases can be annotated with „Reassessments“:
    • A Reassessment consists of a Verdict and justification text
    • Reassessments are shown in all views in a similar way as comments
    • New window with an overview of all Reassessments in the report, including the ability to navigate to reassessed test cases, sorting and filtering
    • Reassessments are included as additional data in the XML export 
    • Reassessments are included in the PDF export
    • Reassessments can be read, created or modified through the .NET API

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