CANoe/CANalyzer .J1587
Development & Test Tool CANoe/CANalyzer J1587

Simulation and Analysis of SAE J1587/J1708 Systems

SAE J1708 defines a serial, bidirectional network for use in the commercial vehicle industry. The SAE J1587 Standard regulates communication and standardized data exchange between different ECUs based on SAE J1708 networks.

CANoe/CANalyzer.J1587 is especially well-suited to design, diagnostics and testing of J1587-based networks. Since, in practice, several networks are generally used in the vehicle, including J1939, the tool is an ideal supplement and facilitates the observation of system-wide communications.


  • Seamless integration of J1587 in CANoe/CANalyzer lets the user interact with these networks in a very simple, quick and reliable way.
  • Quick access to J1587 communication with the included J1587 sample database of standard signals
  • New functions in the integrated CAPL programming language simplify programming and program structure.
  • Reduced training time by the use of CANoe/CANalyzer .J1587 as a comprehensive tool for all networks in the vehicle


CANoe/CANalyzer .J1587 expands the functionality of CANoe/CANalyzer to include:

  • Protocol-specific representation in the Trace window
  • J1587 Filter in Measurement Setup
  • Parameter Monitor for displaying all sent PIDs (Parameter Identification) of a MID (Message Identification)
  • Watch view in the parameter monitor for displaying a selection of PIDs configured by the user
  • Interpretation of OEM-specific protocol extensions (Volvo Truck)
  • Diagnostic Code Monitor for clear display and evaluation of ECU diagnostic codes
  • Clear flagging of incorrectly received MIDs and display of raw data for troubleshooting purposes
  • Support of Transport Protocol PIDs 197 and 198 for messages with more than 21 bytes
  • Expanded capabilities of the integrated CAPL programming language for convenient handling of MIDs and PIDs
  • Database for definition of symbolic names for MIDs and PIDs
  • Up to 32 J1708 channels configurable

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CANoe/CANalyzer .J1587 Seminars

CANoe/CANalyzer .J1587 provides a variety of possibilities for simulating and analysing SEA J1587/J1708 systems. But only those who are familiar with these options can fully tap the potential and save time and money.

Take advantage of our training and education offers in order to make even more efficient use of CANoe/CANalyzer .J1587 in your day-to-day work!

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