Modular Network Interface

VN8900 - Modular FlexRay/CAN FD/LIN/J1708/K-Line Network Interface with up to 8 Channels

The VN8900 network interface is a modular designed interface hardware with various possible channel combinations for CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, J1708 and K-Line.

A particular focus here is on parallel access to multiple bus channels and I/Os with high requirements on real-time and latencies also in standalone operating mode.


  • Keypad for standalone operating mode
  • Network interface with integrated real-time computer
  • Modular concept allows a wide range of channel combinations by simply interchangeable transceivers for different bus physics
  • Optimal performance for CANoe/CANape/ CANalyzer applications with CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN, J1708 and K-Line bus access
  • Real-time bypassing and rapid prototyping platform in combination with CANape
  • SSD/CFast memory
  • Integrated analog/digital I/O interface
  • Minimal latency times and synchronized interfaces
  • Easy to configure via USB plug & play or Ethernet interface

Base Units and Plug-in Modules

A VN8900 system consists of a base unit and a plug-in module

Base Units:

  • VN8911: Base unit with integrated Intel ATOM processsor
  • VN8914: High performance base unit with integrated Intel Core-i7 processor of the 6th generation.

The base units contain the component “Extended Real Time” (ERT). This component improves the latency and the determinism of CANoe and CANape. It also executes predefined functions under real-time conditions.   

Plug-in Modules:

  • VN8970/VN8972: FlexRay/CAN/CAN FD/LIN/J1708/K-Line modules with analog/digital IO expandability

Application Areas


  • Mobile, stationary as well as standalone applications
  • Applications where access to several bus channels and I/Os is required
  • Suitable for environments with voltage dips and extreme temperature conditions


  • Stationary as well as standalone applications
  • Applications where access to several bus channels and I/Os is required
  • Applications, which need high performance data throughput
  • Test stands with extensive CANoe configurations or MATLAB simulations
  • Huge laboratory test environment

Ethernet Interface - Use Case Matrix

Application Area
Physical Layer Network Interfaces
  VN5640 VN5610A VN7640 VX0312 VN8900
ECU Communication
Measurement / Simulation
Analysis, simulations, or more complex test tasks within an Ethernet network.
Automotive Ethernet
x x - - -
Automotive Ethernet
x - - -
Standard Ethernet
x x - - -
Access to ECUs via the DoIP standard. An additional DoIP Activation Line is available.
Standard Ethernet
x (1)
Logger Extender
The interface can be connected as an extension for loggers with Ethernet support. The data recorded by the interface will be transferred to the logger.
Standard Ethernet
Fast and reliable connection to a PC with measurement and calibration software via XCP-on-Ethernet.
BroadR-Reach x x x x -
Standard Ethernet
x x x x x
Windows network driver (NDIS) to operate the Ethernet/BroadR Reach interface as a regular network adapter for tools without XL driver support.
Standard Ethernet - - - x -
ETH Host
Alternative connection of the interface to the test PC via Ethernet.
Standard Ethernet (2) (2)


(1) = without Activation Line
(2) = available in a later release

Technical Data

Base Units VN8911 VN8914
CPU Intel ATOM E3845 Quad Core
Intel Core-i7 6822EQ Quad Core
Supported plug-in modules VN8970 VN8970 / VN8972
Ethernet ports 2 x GbETH
USB host interface 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 (Superspeed) 3 x USB 3.0 (Superspeed)
USB client interface 1 x USB 3.0 (Superspeed)
1 x USB 3.0 (Superspeed) with screw locking
Hardware sync. 1x
Solid State Drive (SSD) 16GB (CFast)
SD card slot direct access on the back side
Power-Up-Down (e.g. clamp 15)
KeyPad and LED back side front side
Input voltage 6...36V 10...36V
Temperature range -40...+60°C 0...+50°C
Cooling passive active fan
Component "Extended Real Time" (ERT) yes
Driver library XL-Driver Library for FlexRay/CAN/LIN via USB or Ethernet
Operating system (host PC) Windows 7/8.1 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 10 (64 bit)
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Plug-in module
Channels FlexRay CAN/
FlexRay CAN/
1 6 - 1 6 -
1 5 1 1 5 1
1 4 2 1 4 2
- 8 - 2 4 -
- 7 1 2 3 1
- 6 2 2 2 2
- 5 3* - 8 -
- 4 4* - 7 1
additional 1 digital/analog IO channel configurable with piggyback;
* max. 2 K-Line channels possible
- 6 2
- 5 3*
- 4 4*
additional 1 digital/analog IO channel configurable with piggyback;
* max. 2 K-Line channels possible
CAN controller FPGA-based Vector CAN controller CAN FD capable, full support of all CANoe.CAN functions, e.g. send error frames, measurement of bus load and ListenOnly mode
FlexRay cluster (A+B) 1 2
FlexRay controller Bosch E-Ray (FPGA) Bosch E-Ray (FPGA)
FlexRay controller (startup) Fujitsu MB88121 Bosch E-Ray (FPGA)
FlexRay send memory 2 MB
LIN controller Vector LIN controller (FPGA) compatible to LIN1.3, LIN2.0, LIN2.1 and J2602, full support of all CANoe.LIN functions, e.g. conformity tests, stress functions and flash mode of 7269 transceiver.
Supported transceiver Support of all magnetically/capacitive decoupled piggybacks, as well as J1708opto piggyback
IO expandability I0piggy8642
Digital: 8 inputs, 6 outputs / Analog: 4 inputs, 2 outputs
Onboard transceiver 4 x NXP TJA1051 (CAN highspeed) with electrical isolation
Temperature range Operating: -40...+60°C
Transport and storage: -40...+85°C
Operating: 0...+50°C
Transport and storage: -40...+85°C
Power consumption typ. 7W typ. 8W
Power supply via base unit
Time stamp accuracy 1 μs
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