Information About

Network Interfaces Successor Products

For the products CANcaseXL, CANcardXL, CANcardXLe, CANboardXL, CANboardXL PCIe and CANboardXL pxi the technical development at Vector has been discontinued.

The mentioned interfaces are no longer produced, but a small quantity is still in stock and therefore available. Furthermore, individual driver downloads and technical support for the respective product are offered.

Vector recommends the use of state-of-the-art and more powerful successor products.

CANcaseXL, CANcardXL & CANcardXLe

As successor products for  CANcaseXL, CANcardXL and CANcardXLe we recommend you the products of the VN1600 family. They provide a flexible and fast access to CAN (FD) and LIN networks.

CANboardXL & CANboardXL PCIe

As successor products for CANboardXL and CANboardXL PCIe we recommend you the CAN/LIN network interfaces VN1530 and VN1531. They are ideally suited for accessing CAN and LIN networks via the PCIe interface.


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