Vector Certified Embedded Engineering Partner
The Competitive Advantage for Service Providers

Vector Certified Embedded Engineering Partner becomes a service provider with at least two employees who have successfully completed the certificate program and take part in the member phase. This page shows Service Providers that are already qualified.


Ways GmbH, with headquarters in Langen, Germany, offers highly qualified specialists and executives (engineers) in all software areas of the automotive sector. These are either placed or loaned to the clients. Furthermore Ways GmbH carries out outsourcing projects in the IT sector. Development work for customers is performed by our own employees on a contract basis. Thus Ways GmbH belongs to the branch of human resources service providers and software developers.


Atec Co., Ltd. was founded in Nagoya, Japan, in 1988 as an independent company specialized in technology. It has business bases in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Osaka and has been involved in a wide range of development in control software, electrical and electronic and machinery areas for Japanese carmakers and suppliers. In 2009, Atec set up a technological development center and has since been providing support in development, technology and education to meet various requests from customers with its high technological capabilities in automotive ECUs such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AUTOSAR as a contractor equipped with facilities that can handle the processes from design to evaluation to verification.

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