Flexible Recording of Measurement Data

Flexible Recording of Measurement Data

High flexibility based on a wide variety of hardware interfaces

Whoever acquires measurement data from a variety of sources needs a reliable system that records data in a synchronized manner. The Vector solutions give you access to the following:

  • Variables, parameters, characteristic curves, and maps in the ECU
  • Bus information from CAN, LIN, FlexRay, and Ethernet/BroadR-Reach,
  • Analog and digital signals from different external measurement systems
  • Video and audio data
  • GPS information that originates from the CAN bus or a dedicated GPS receiver

Your Support for Measurements

The following tools facilitate the time-synchronized real-time acquisition and visualization of ECU-internal signals with CCP/XCP, KWP2000, and UDS, signals from CAN, LIN, FlexRay and Ethernet as well as external measurement technology:

  • CANape – The all-round tool for measurement and calibration of ECUs

  • vMeasure exp – Reliably solving complex measurement tasks

  • VX1000 – Scalable measurement and calibration hardware for maximum data transmission rates

  • Network Interfaces - Interfaces to connect your PC with CAN / CAN FD, LIN, J1708, Ethernet, FlexRay as well as 802.11p

  • vMDM – Professional Measurement Data Management

Measurement Software

Screenshot CANape windows for measurement


CANape displays the measurement results during the recording in various windows as needed. This enables a fast initial online analysis. All data always receive a time stamp and are stored in a time-synchronized manner. This helps you to evaluate the information offline later on.

vMeasure exp

vMeasure exp is a flexible measurement software solution that provides you with efficient support in the laboratory, at the test stand, during test drives and endurance tests. With vMeasure exp, you can conveniently record physical values, internal ECU signals as well as signals sent via the vehicle bus.

Measurement Data Management


Graphic with most important vMDM components

vMDM is the solution for efficient management of large data volumes from development, test bench operation and vehicle tests. With vMDM, you can save your measurement data securely, protect it against unauthorized access and simplify the exchange of measurement data between distributed teams. Large-scale CPU-intensive analyses, classifications and reports are performed centrally on a server without any computational requirements on the engineer’s workstation.

  • More information on vMDM

ECU Measurement

Photo with Base Modules VX1135 and VX1060, VX1453 Generic HSSL POD, VX1543A Serial POD


The VX1000 system is a scalable solution with maximum performance for your measurement and calibration tasks. It forms the interface between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool such as CANape. For high data throughput with minimum runtime effects on the ECU, access is by means of microcontroller-specific data trace and debug interfaces.

Photo VX0312 network interface for Ethernet / BroadR-Reach and CAN with USB Interface


The VX0312 is a compact Ethernet/BroadR-Reach and CAN interface with USB interface to the PC. This interface can be used to connect XCP on Ethernet or BroadR-Reach devices to a PC with measurement and calibration software – quickly and reliably.

Analog Measurement

The following measurement systems can be integrated in CANape:


Graphic supported measurement systems by CANape
CANape supports various data acquisition devices of many different manufacturers. “Digital Analog IO” is an open interface for connection of almost any input and output systems.

Via CAN:

  • All measurement data acquisition devices that are connected to the PC via the CAN bus, like devices from Caetec, CSM, IMC, and Ipetronik

  • AD-Scan MiniModul pro from CSM (2 Mbit/s bandwidth with overclocked CAN bus for up to 10 kHz sampling rate)

Via Ethernet:

  • EtherCAT to XCP on Ethernet Gateway from CSM

  • ETAS measurement module series: ES400 and ES600

  • Mx-SENS 8 via XCP on Ethernet from Ipetronik

Via USB:

  • Analog and digital measurement cards from NI (DAQmx series)

Via the DAIO interface:

  • DEWE-xxx and DEWE2 from DEWETRON

  • QuantumX and SoMat eDAQ from HBM

  • ADwin systems from Jäger Computergesteuerte Messtechnik

  • faceLAB from Seeing Machines (video systems for eye-tracking in the area of driving safety research and human-machine interaction)

  • Dikablis from Ergoneers (video systems for eye-tracking in the area of driving safety research and human-machine interaction)

DAIO (Digital/Analog I/O) is an open interface for connection of almost any input and output systems. An open C-interface with development kit and detailed documentation is available to you free of charge for development of your own drivers.

Find more information about supported measurement systems of:

CSM Analog Measurement

Graphic CSM measurement modules and Vector measurement software
CSM measurement modules for acquisition of a wide range of physical quantities

Measurement Modules for Acquisition of Physical Quantities

Regardless of whether you want to measure voltages, temperatures, or mechanical quantities using strain gauges, or whether you must count events or output signal levels: with the broad range of products, all possibilities are available to you, both in the vehicle and on the test stand. The connection to the PC is by means of CAN interfaces or XCP on Ethernet.

MDF Format

Find more information about efficient storage of measurement with MDF format and learn how to implement MDF in your own software.