ECU Calibration
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Tools and Services for ECU Calibration

Calibrating ECUs is an iterative process of adjusting parameters and measuring the changes. Analysis of the measurement data then shows whether the desired behavior of the system has been achieved or whether further parameters need to be changed. 
The Vector solution covers all requirements throughout the entire development process. From function development through bypassing and rapid prototyping solutions to test bench applications and test drives during trials and in series production. 

Measurement & Data Management

Flexible Recording of Measurement Data

The following tools facilitate time-synchronous real-time acquisition, visualization and recording of ECU-internal information, bus data, analog measurement technology and much more:

Calibrate ECUs, measure all data, analyze them and flash new data states. 
Process-safe data logging in the vehicle through direct use of CANape configurations in CANape log Smart Logger
Access ECU internal data and all ADAS sensor values.
Your focus is on the acquisition of physical quantities? For analog measurement technology, Vector offers a complete portfolio for acquisition and analysis.  Analog Measurement
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Managing Measurement Data Professionally

vMDM is the solution for efficiently managing large amounts of data from development, test bench runs and driver testing. With vMDM, you store measurement data securely, protect the data from unauthorized access and facilitate the exchange of measurement data between distributed teams. Computationally intensive and extensive analyses, classifications and reports are executed in vMDM without performance losses of the workstation computer.

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Calibration & Data Management

Easily Modify Parameter Values

The following tools facilitate the efficient adjustment and management of parameter values:

Adjust the parameters of your ECU algorithms conveniently online in the ECU or offline in the hex file
You visualize and edit the extensive parameter files with this.
Calibration is teamwork. Manage and edit your parameters on the database-driven platform.  vCDM
You measure highest data rates from your ECU? Then calibrate with it as well. 
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Mastering Calibration & Configuration Data

The following tools make it easier for you to efficiently manage calibration data:

Display, compare and edit parameters created in ECU calibration easily
Manage calibration data efficiently with a database-supported platform for calibration teams vCDM
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Analysis & Evaluation

Analyze your measurement data and create your reports for specific target groups. Manually or fully automated.

Visualize your data, analyze it with mathematical functions and summarize the results in the form of reports. Both already during the measurement and on the basis of existing files.  CANape
You want CANape's evaluation options for files, but don't need a measurement option? vSignalyzer is fully compatible with CANape.  vSignalyzer
Manage all your measurement data with vMDM (Vector Measurement Data Management). vMDM
Easy-to-use function library for creating, validating, sorting and reading MDF files. MDF4 Lib

Diagnostics & Flashing

Detailed ECU diagnostics in the laboratory and in the vehicle

The following tools provide you with reliable ECU diagnostics:

Do you work in the field of measurement and calibration with CANape and also need full access to diagnostic data and services? Then you don't need an additional diagnostic tool. CANape has it all. 
Indigo is an intuitive diagnostic tester that can be easily configured as required without any knowledge of diagnostic protocols. Indigo is suitable for vehicle development as well as for use in the workshop.
Diagnostics via CAN and DoIP with CANoe
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Reliable Reprogramming of ECUs

Reliably and quickly flash your ECUs with the following products:

Flash programming via CCP and XCP. Diagnostic based flashing with the help of vFlash projects. 
(Re)program/flash ECUs easily and quickly - via CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet (DoIP)
Embedded software for flashing programs and vehicle-related data via CAN, LIN, FlexRay or Ethernet
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ECU Drivers

With free sample implementations of CCP or XCP in your ECU and comprehensive consulting and integration services around your ECU software, Vector offers extensive support.

Further Use Cases

Description Files for Internal ECU Parameters

Description files allow the user to access variables internal to the control unit by symbolic names. A2L files are an elementary component of every measuring and adjustment operation.

Manually create and modify your A2L files.
Extend your code generation process to create the appropriate A2L file.
Function library for reading and writing ASAP2 files


Description files let the user access internal ECU parameters by symbolic names. A2L files are elementary components of every measurement and calibration operation.

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Rapid control prototyping provides you with mechanisms to test controller algorithms quickly and efficiently without having to replace the entire ECU software. This applies not only to the use of real ECUs, but also to virtual ECUs.

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Engineering Services

So that you can concentrate fully on the application of your control units, Vector supports you both with know-how and with customized complete solutions for your tasks. Talk to us.


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Application Notes

Detailed information such as "How do I create an A2L file from CANape", "Interface Programming between CANape and MATLAB" and "CANape ASAM-MC3 Interface".

Product Videos

Highlights of CANape Version 16.0 – Calibrate ECUs Optimally
In this video you will get acquainted with the most important new features in CANape version 14, including offline evaluation of bus communication, visualization of vehicle position on a map with GPS data, graphic linking of Simulink or bypass models, and fast calculation and visualization of virtual signals.
CANape 12.0 – Optimized user-interface and efficient parameter handling
CANape – New axes simplify data evaluation
Easily create a measurement configuration in CANape

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