Webinar recording: "Automated physical layer analysis with Option .Scope"

Learn in this webinar recording how to benefit from the features of the Option .Scope for CANoe and CANalyzer in your projects.


  • Product Concept
  • Use Cases

    • Analysis and triggering of CAN FD, FlexRay und LIN
    • Analysis of PSI5- and SENT-signals (VT System)
    • Time/voltage triggering and measurement of signals (bus, sensor, I/O)
    • Eye diagram and serial bitmask analysis
    • Automated physical layer and conformance tests

  • Analyzing, Debugging, Tracing
  • Configuration
  • Measurement
  • Analysis

    • Eye Diagram,
    • Bit Mask Analysis
    • Protocol Decode
    • Test Automation with Programming Interface (CAPL)

  • Hardware Prerequisites



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What is CANoe .Scope, CANalyzer .Scope ?

The option .Scope is an integrated oscilloscope solution for CANoe and CANalyzer achieved by combining a powerful 4-channel USB scope hardware with a standard Vector network interface. Up to 2 CAN FD or FlexRay networks or 4 LIN/sensor/IO signals can be simultaneously analyzed. The USB scope device is hardware synchronized with the network interfaces, so that all scope measurements have the same time base as CANoe/CANalyzer.