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Vehicle Diagnostics as Part of a Contemporary E/E Development Process

In typical automotive development processes, not only are diagnostic descriptions and their software implementations handled by different people, in different roles, but they are also supported by different authoring tools. The consistency between the two sets of data must be verified manually, and this process can be both complicated and susceptible to errors. An integrated, model-driven approach to development makes it possible to describe diagnostics within a vehicle E/E system, including the relationships with the implementation software.

Acquire, specify and implement diagnostic data in software with PREEvision and CANdelaStudio.

A technical article* explores how to efficiently acquire, specify and implement diagnostic data in software. It describes the interplay of the specification tool CANdelaStudio and the E/E engineering environment PREEvision.

*Originally published in the November/December 2019 issue of the German-language magazine "Hanser Automotive"

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