Vector Logger Configurator 3.0 – Vector Cloud Support for GL2000 Family, AUTOSAR 4 Enhancements

GL2000 series:

  • Vector Logger Cloud:

    • The Vector Logger Cloud is now available for GL2000 series. You can remotely access logging data that was transferred from the logger via mobile radio during the test drives. The Vector Logger Cloud makes remote access to the data much easier because you do not need to install your own infrastructure.

GL2000/GL3000/GL4000/GL5000 series:

  • Vector Logger Cloud:

    • The loggers of the GL2000 and GL5000 series can be set up for the cloud via USB.
    • The improved transmission history allows a better assessment of the connection quality.

  • The mileage can also be determined from diagnostic/OBD-II signals.
  • In the Navigator, the mileage at the time of the marker is displayed for the markers.
  • The HostCAM setup offers the possibility to perform a factory reset of the HostCAM camera if required.

All GL loggers:

  • Supporting AUTOSAR databases (ARXML) 4.x for CAN/CAN FD, LIN and FlexRay.
  • "Contained  PDUs" from AUTOSAR files from version 4.2 are supported for converting but not for triggers and filters.
  • FlexRay databases can be replaced while retaining the triggers/markers and filters.
  • CCP/XCP:

    • In addition to CANape LAB files, INCA LAB files can now also be imported when importing signal lists.
    • After updating an A2L, invalid signals can be conveniently replaced via the context menu on the CCP/XCP|Signal Requests page.
    • Signals from CSM EtherCAT® measuring modules with sampling rates of 10 kHz and higher can now also be used as event sources for triggers and markers (for GL5000 series).
    • XCP on FlexRay can now be configured via ARXML files.

  • For analog measurements, the average calculation can be activated for each channel individually.
  • The improved navigation in the GUI through forward and backward buttons allows quick switching between configuration pages.

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