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Smart Charging During Working Hours

In order to offer as many customers, guests and employees as possible easy access to the charging infrastructure for their electric vehicles, Vector is expanding the number of charging stations at the Vector Campus in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf.

Currently, 57 charging points are already available for smart charging during working hours or when visiting the site. Due to the high demand, about 130 charging points will be added next year. Thus, there are already more than 70 hybrid or electric vehicles among the company cars and in the vehicle fleet. In addition, more than 50 employees are already using electric drives, not only because they can be charged free of charge with green electricity on the company premises, but of course also because of the reduction in emissions.

With the growing number of charging stations, the demand for electricity to charge the vehicles is now also increasing. It must be ensured that even when all charging stations are fully utilized during core working hours, there is enough power available for all vehicles. Vector uses its own charging and load management system vCharM to manage the charging stations.

Once a charging station is connected to vCharM, each charging point can be easily configured, monitored and controlled. In addition, dynamic load management allows the total charging capacity to be adapted to the current power consumption of the building. With low power consumption, more is available for charging the electric vehicles and vice versa. In this way, the available grid connection is always optimally utilized.

This allows more charging stations to be installed and more electric vehicles to be charged at the same time without having to expand the grid connection. In addition, expensive peak loads at peak times are avoided.

All charging stations compatible with the established OCPP standard are quickly and easily integrated into the backend. The charging fleet can thus be expanded step by step, regardless of the manufacturer.

Would you like to learn more about vCharM? Click here for the product page.