PREEvision UserDay 2017: Eighty Participants, Ten Countries, Two Days, One Forum

An important part of Vector’s model-based E/E Engineering tool is the community of users and decision-makers from all over the word, which has been growing steadily for almost ten years. This is very clear on the PREEvision UserDay, which takes place annually: this March, eighty participants from ten countries accepted the invitation to two days of exchange of ideas, networking, discussion, and feedback – in the Vector Campus at the headquarters in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf.

PREEvision UserDay 2017

Besides a look back at implemented features in the current release and the roadmap for the coming versions, the forum serves one purpose above all: PREEvision users should have their say; their specific current challenges in the development process of electric/electronic architectures are at the center of the event. The variety of forum contributions reflects this approach – this time it traced an arc from service-oriented E/E architectures and automotive Ethernet, through the integration of PREEvision into existing tool chains, to topics such as usability and cross-location collaboration of development teams.

Participants again and again seized the opportunity to speak directly with Vector’s developers and the brains behind the tool for model-based electric/electronic development – and took advantage of it extensively in the breaks and during the evening events too. The enthusiasm and engagement of the PREEvision community was palpable in the lively exchange of experience among the participants; discussions about potential for improvement and new approaches to solutions, as well as soliciting and assessing user requests, rounded out the 2017 PREEvision UserDay. Already at the closing, many of the participants made clear that they would be there again next year in any case – there is hardly a better compliment for an event organizer.