MICROSAR Multi-Core BSW Split

The Lifeline for Multi-Core Projects

The AUTOSAR basic software MICROSAR Multi-Core supports you comprehensively in the optimal distribution of the various AUTOSAR applications to different processor cores. The new feature MICROSAR Multi-Core BSW Split now even allows to shift part of the runtime of the basic software to another processor core. This relieves the core on which the basic software runs in favor of the application. The basic software is divided by subsets predefined by Vector.

With MICROSAR Multi-Core BSW Split, developers of AUTOSAR ECUs can prevent alternative actions such as migration to a more powerful microcontroller.

Especially ethernet ECUs with longer runtimes due to service-oriented communication can benefit from this subsequent load distribution.

The workflow is enhanced with the separately available TA.Inspection of the TA Tool Suite. It allows to optimally analyze the utilization of your multi-core system.

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Making Full Use of Multi-Core ECUs with AUTOSAR Basic Software Distribution